THE DR ARMY: I met Briana Perkins when I worked as an entertainer at Atlantis Chicago. Only reason I know this girls name is cause after I was assaulted by a guy she was identified in court documents as “dancing upon his lap before he struck me”. Yeah shes a floozy she ran off with the guy after he assaulted me and ever since then she’s been giving him sexual favors in exchange for money. Well now she moved to Miami and she’s trying to play it off like she was born into a rich family and is some singing rapping sensation lol. Truth is she bought all her followers on Instagram, all 13k cause if you go to YouTube only 200 people viewed her “song” and half the viewers disliked it. Girl was on here before. Stick to what you know girl even in the club you couldn’t dance. All you did was solicit sexual favors. Now this floozy decided she didn’t like some Instagram comment I made about her crappy music lol I wrote better lines on her lame songs then she did. I wrote about how she’s a low down prostitute so she called the police and is trying to have some charges pressed against me thinking I harassed her. This floozy is delusional you run off with the guy who was abusing me and sell your a55 to him 20 minutes later but then you want to turn around and act like a victim who’s being harassed. Maybe if you weren’t a floozyselling your a55 and laughing when another woman got hit in the face with your name in his court documents then maybe just maybe you would have never received any bad messages did you think of that? She’s so fake, trying to act like she’s kind but nothing kind about laughing and smiling when a woman gets hit in the face then going on and screwing that guy. Girl you’re straight trash you’re a floozy and your music sucks. First song she made is called “All my fault” her voice is heavily auto tuned and all I can hear when she talks is that terrible lisp. Riddle me this if you grew up rich why did you have to wait til you’re 25 to buy your own braces? Had to sell your vagina to Arabs at Atlantis to buy that metal mouth. Hahaha. Mom and dad couldn’t afford dental care growing up. Now you want to cry “be kind I’m a victim” girl you just want attention. Well here you got your attention and guess what It’s called freedom of the press sorry if I hurt your fragile feelings but let’s not ever forget you’re the prostitute he ran off with after he broke a glass on my face! You were hiding out with him in the back doing sexual favors for cash while cook county sheriff was looking for him. Don’t act all sweet and innocent now and get upset about a comment. You want to be miss bad a55 don’t cry when you get called out for who and what you really are! Oh thought it was cool and funny when he hit me and took you to a hotel for sex don’t act like the victim now girl. Your music sucks quit trying to act like a rapper or singer o got more bars lol for sure that’s why you can’t respond to anything I say with words you have to cry and call 911. I thought she’s be funny and wrote a rap back to defend herself but nope she went crying to her customer that broke a glass on my face to get my information to give to police. She did the actions but can’t handle the truth being told about her. Prostitute from Atlantis that was getting pimped out by her brother in law who sold crack there. Peace and blessings!

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