THE DR ARMY: I want you all to meet Brook Perkins. Her Dirty famous sister Briana Perkins has been featured on here three times! I wondered how these two siblings could afford a luxury penthouse in Miami, I knew it couldn’t be from their “rapping career”. Little birdie told me they screw some old man for $1,000 a week! These girls are funny, always posting about their fabulous life on Instagram, trying to front as some rapping celebrities but I know their game. You go trick off on some old club owner and he pays you $1,000 per week then you go buy studio time and pay producers to make beats and tell you that you have talent. But you can’t rap, nobody is calling seeking you two. You’re desperately searching for attention, fame and money. You can’t sing or dance. You are good at copying. You copy lyrics from other songs and when you did your podcast interview you had nothing better to talk about but me. You two look like the Wayans Brothers In White Chicks with those blonde weaves and photoshop to make your skin look white. Comes from a family of gold diggers and tricks. Will do anything to get the bag even bully & abuse other women with their trick customers. Please don’t buy into their crappy music act. You’ll be famous on the Dirty before anything.

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