The DR Army: If you live in Abbotsford watch out for Pam she is a serial homewrecker. Was friends with her for years until she ruined my marriage. She is married herself but doesn’t stop meeting up with other men… feel bad for the man married to her Mike: Did you call Stefanie back?

The DR Army: Angela Rozak tried dropping weight so her husband would stop cheating on her, now she’s back and bigger than ever! In between Twinkies and super size meals Angela like to gossip about men on dating sites. something a non single mom has no business being on. Hey Justin keep that pig on […]

The DR Army: Cheater, liar, ghoster Will offer to do favors for you in the beginning, to impress you, but then randomly charge you $35/ hr for his help 2 months ago, and add up all the hours retroactively from the previous 2 months, and ask you to give $500+ to a girl he claims […]

The DR Army: Master manipulator, mental and physical abuser, predator.Has mentally of physically abused as well as sexually harassed over 300+ women in his lifetime. He just recently got an assault charge finally and he still doesn’t stop. He’s on many dating sites and he will also just add random girls on Facebook or slide […]

The DR Army: We’ve been sleeping together for awhile and he lied to me about not having a girlfriend, but he does.

The DR Army: This wonderful girl is a liar all the way! Lives with bf but casually cheats on him, she claims he’s gross cause he’s fat. Well, she is 300lbs herself! All her pics are filtered and she still asks her mom for money. She likes to breed 7000$ puppies and not let them […]

The DR Army: It’s so sad to see the people we trust our kids to be online participating and supporting the toxic gossiping and the page the blast men and spread terrible lies to defame people. People should be ashamed to be associated to those pages! Specially of you are in a role model career […]

The DR Army: Shes plying u guys lik a chum. I saw da convo dat she doent wan meh get meh charge becuse she knos dat she lovs me to deth. Shes plying her boyfrieng nd she plyed her friengs lik a violin they all bee dum belieing her lies dat came out of her […]

The DR Army: This little snaggle tooth b1tch needs to count her god damn blessings and stay hidden like the rat nosed b1tch she is or she will get whats coming to her soon. she is the whiniest cVnt I have ever met in my entire life!!!!!! she always tried to flaunt her flat a55 […]

The DR Army: I am writing to provide a detailed report regarding the unauthorized sale of a used Bruno Stairlift by Ali Shamei, an authorized representative of Wheelchair Works, to my grandmother. The sale, which amounted to over 4000 CAD, raises serious concerns about Wheelchair Works’ business practices and adherence to ethical standards. The following […]

The DR Army: Stay away from the narcissistic, racist, home wrecking, backstabbing whore Taylyn Pare. She is a two-faced sloot who spends her time on Tinder talking to random guys for an ego boost. She works at (Not showing Dox info) in Abbotsford, BC and because of the virus she gets to go on EI […]

The DR Army: Dont let this one fool you, she will come into your life as friendly and then try to sleep with your man while your in the other room, make you go out with her with random dudes she met on chat sites to do whatever she can to get high and drunk, […]

The DR Army: So Katie Bodger, i don’t even know where to start. she is a stupid lying drd fat mf b1tch w no life. i heard shes a home wrecker, she’s gotten w 4 of my friends boyfriends n she’s given 2 of them DRD!!!! put a stop to her now!

The DR Army: Mr. Whisky d1ck… a guy that cheats on every girlfriend he gets. Fuks around with other couples behind the gfs back. Pretentious fuk boy who freaks out and acts like a child at all times. Watch out for this goof.

The DR Army: This women used her own mother’s sickness to steal from everyone she knew including her own brother and family. She is unstable with severed doll heads in her room and a journal that would send her to a mental institution like she put her mother in. She Is a pathetic coward that […]

The DR Army: This is Kellie from Abbotsford She’s a compulsive liar, manipulator, catfish and is currently cheating on her man, while he is at home taking care of their newborn son and HER son from another man who is absent. If you’re looking for a one night stand at your local pub/brewery you will […]

The DR Army: The lovely carol from chilliwack .. good time had by all but make sure you cover up..and make sure you bring plenty of snow and liquor she’s got an issue with both

The DR Army: This is Nikki from Abbotsford Be aware of this one. She’s a compulsive liar, cheater, manipulator, and the list goes on. Once she’s done using and abusing you she will be on to the next.

THE DR ARMY:  This is Xena Bencharski! Everyone in high school hated her. She is a druggy and an alcoholic. I swear she is bi polar too! Okay so she has lost all her friends in her life including me! She lies, talks trash about everyone, is super aggressive (will fight anyone) and she wont stop talking about […]

THE DR ARMY: Im not into games or hurting others but wish someone had’ve forewarned me before I got involved with this one cause she’s one of the nastiest women I’ve had the misfortune of encountering. First off she tells me she’s single broke up with her ex months before and invites me over to her […]

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