The DR Army: Kianna-rae Look out for this one, she is a pathological liar and a cheater. Has multiple boyfriends at once (recently got caught dating two people that know each other and found out) and will make up the most insane “trauma” stories of ex’s cheating or being mentally/physically abusive to her to get […]

The DR Army: This is Kalla, puts on a nice act, but its time someone wrote something about how terrible she treats people. I literally had the unfortunate experience of watching this harlet and one of my best friends, fall MADLY in love with each other, well, she did, which made him fall for her, […]

The DR Army: The worst person you would meet or want to know or be around dating him is dating everybody else he cheats lies, and then the physical and mental abuse destroys you the constant mental abuse allllll dayy long he takes no accountability for his actions the biggest narassist I have ever done […]

The DR Army: Hi there!! My name is Melanie Booth in Spruce Grove AB and I’m a alcoholic child abusing town Whore I will do ANYTHING with ANYONE for a dollar Mike: Maybe it’s time to retire

The DR Army: Omg I was mad up until I saw who she’s with now. Take a look at this ugly fuck. looks like he’s missing teeth already. BTW wade have fun being the retard babies step dad! No one wanted him not even me! Mike: Did you expect more? lol

This DR Army: Mikeala, what can I say, this b1tch party all the time to look for the next victim in Alberta, she is a good lay, and if you have 5 bucks for a shot, she’s all yours. Just beware she will post you online and ask for tea afterward. You can tell by […]

The DR Army: Polish girls – a Russian friend suggested: They’re so proud but have nothing to be proud of.. Mike: Usually only the opposite comes

The DR Army: Watch out LADIES he will use and mentally abuse u dont fall for his charm. He left his family homeless to live in a car and told nothing but lies Mike: He looks so familiar, maybe posted here before, what’s the name and location?

The DR Army: This girl Marlee, Dirty Welder is super flirty and tries to fuck all the dudes at work, her body count is higher than her age. She is a walking drd, beware guys, get checked. Mike: She is a welder? Wtf

The DR Army: Let me introduce you to the highly filtered Cassandra from Leduc and her many alias’s. This chick is a master in love bombing, gas lighting and flooding techniques. She tells you everything you want to hear and promises you that she isn’t talking to any of her ex’s, but behind your back […]

The DR Army: This cum dumpster runs around the first chance she has, she has to act tough cuz her pussy bf (Robert slade) can’t stand up for himself, the very few people she has in her life are financially abused and manipulated to support her cuz she can’t be bothered to get off her […]

The DR Army: This no good dirty slob shows an embarrassing reality of boys in today’s society, he has nothing good to contribute to the people around him. He’s a whiny little bitch that can’t man up, he tries to fight like a pussy if he hasn’t already ran and cried to the cops. He’s […]

The DR Army: This goon Robert Tobias Slade /Adam spencer loves to date minors as well as physically and emotionally abuse his girlfriends. he loves to give STDs to every woman he’s with he doesn’t like to shower he stinks like ass wants to run to the cops because he’s a snitch snitches when he […]

The DR Army: This man is with the nastiest skank I’ve seen!! He’s nasty, and he’s done so many things to my friends and I. And he got away with everything. He’s rude, obnoxious, and thinks he can fight anyone. His whole relationship is a joke he’s always complaining about his ugly ass girl. He’s […]

The DR Army: Asher you are the skankiest whore I’ve ever met!!!! You don’t belong in the city, you are a nasty. Rude whore!! Who fucks everyone she sees!!!!!

The DR Army: This ugly ass bitch likes to go around saying the most bizarre rumours ever she likes to talk down on everyone’s families when her family ain’t that perfect ether, her mom is a who’re and got ran thru by all the guys she been with, she claims her step daddy is in […]

The DR Army: This girl literally lied about her age to get to every guy she can she smells like fish. And she’s rude to everyone she meets she thinks she owns the world. Lyric you are a piece of actual shit. You treat everyone in ur life like crap and it’s a good thing […]

The DR Army: This man is the nastiest rudest man I have ever come across. I’ve seen him threaten multiple females and say “it’s just self defence” when the girls have done nothing to him. He abused his ex for over a year and used her, and made her spend all his money on her. […]

The DR Army: Reese osgood cheats on her boyfriend cole all the time. She claims she’s 115 lbs but if she was she wouldn’t be fat like her sister. She’s the ugliest slut I’ve ever seen she spreads her legs for money when he ugly little boyfriend isn’t around and she lies straight thru her […]

The DR Army: This is April cole. April Looks like A cracked out meth addict she goes around claiming rape on every man she’s been with even tho her ass is a virgin lmaoo. She Wants everyone’s man even tho she can’t even get a man cuz her ass be to god damn ugly, She […]

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