The DR Army: Rebecca Meers from Sydney Australia (Merrylands West) decided to hunt down my husband prior to us getting married and was happy to play the other woman for 3 years! She was having an affair with him while he stood in front of our family and friends reading his wedding vows to me […]

The DR Army: This is Tylar who is the step daughter to our niece. I met her when she was 8. In our culture our core values are family. So she has been part of it since. The thing is, my husband has been banging her for the last year. He’s 50 she’s 22 now. […]

The DR Army: Look out Cairns, Holloways Beach Redlynch North Qld, not nice, sordid past left in Melbourne. Is a barefaced liar, & followed her ex-fiance to Cairns. His story ? that wasn’t in touch w her, as they had had a massive falling out around the time he moved in w his new partner. […]

The DR Army: Tahlia Johnson watch out for this homewrecking whore! Mike: I like post with no detail at all

The DR Army: Beware of David from South Dublin! I was with him for almost three years and it turned out he’s a pro at lying and playing games. After we had been dating for a few months, he revealed to me that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. According to him, she didn’t tell him until […]

The DR Army: Warning absolute psychopath gens, take her out pay for everything and expenses always say there an issues with her cards.. doesn’t really have a job but says she an entrepreneur and has all these business I’d say she living off divorce settlement haha. lol going through a divorce but sees multiple guys […]

The DR Army: This girl was dating my family friend and shared a baby together. We just found out she was playing up on him with another man who is ALSO in a relationship. The man’s girlfriend reached out to my family friend and told him what was happening. My family friend confronted his “girlfriend” […]

The DR Army: This is one of my friends ex boyfriends of over 8 years. As in the picture she has a DVO on him due to his abuse for over 8 years. He is still messaging her telling her he loves her and wants to be with her daily, while seeing other girls. They […]

The DR Army: Amy Mcquire.. 26yo From Ormeau area “apparently”. But goes to a gym in Township drive, Burleigh. The proof is in the photos. She knew he was in a relationship and chased him anyway. He was always to shy to make a first move. 3 and half years down the drain!

The DR Army: Lauren Hamilton from Gold Coast Queensland Australia Sleeps with your partner when you’re absent . Beenleigh area. Has had child removed from her danger. Takes your man and then threatens DOCS! Just cheap scum. BEWARE!!!! SHE IS A WALKING DRD. Make sure you wear a condom.

The DR Army: I was with her for over 2 years. Always talked about being a good Christian, and that she’d never cheat. She asked back one of her exes via a letter, simply because he looked at her during church. Shortly after that, she went to an airbnb with a man for New Years, […]

The DR Army: Who knows what the real story is or even what their real names are – Tiffany Willingale, Lee Clutterbuck, Jessica….whatever. I’ve received multiple messages but I’ll post the profile of the guy (Harley, Harry, Hazza??) I found her on top of naked with my own eyes less than a week ago, still […]

The DR Army: Teleah Bell will contact your husband multiple times – usually someone from her past – bc she has daddy issues. She will find an “hole” in the relationship and go for it. She will hook them with conversation, fake compassion, and flirting, making him start to like the attention and fake caring. […]

The DR Army: This dirty lothario is a womanizing creep! Beware! Francesco Arbaci is the ultimate player. He is a cheater and a woman beater. He thinks he’s cool, and a playboy, but he’s just an insecure scumbag. He has been known to get very violent when caught out dating several women at the same […]

The DR Army: Guys if you like crazy here is one for you Megan 46 from Tassie and moving to the sunny coast soon. Next level and has more issues then a Ford Falcon I last 14hrs from 3pm to 8am next day and I ran for the hills Mike: hey, nothing is wrong with […]

The DR Army: Warning about leisa from Redlands. Crazy as they come, manipulative and sleeping with half of Redlands. In a group of people who all sleep together and share stis. Stay away cause your might fall off afterwards and you will have to deal with a complete nut job. Still manipulating her ex husband […]

THE DR ARMY: This 60 year old woman goes on websites using a young attractive girls photo posing as a girl in their mid 20’s catfishing people. She likes stalking, harassing and doxxing her targets. She has made probably 500+ sock accounts in the past 10 years across different social media platforms to stalk her targets. […]

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