The DR Army: The woman from Baltimore pictured here is one of the biggest, nastiest slores the DMV area has ever seen. Laura Johanna Miles acts like she is a cool person when in fact, she is a evil threachous person. She like to have sex with everybody and everything, even the animals. From the info I […]

THE DR ARMY: So I seen this pepsi headed floozy blasting some one for being on here but shes the one needs to be on her she just let my best friends cousin die he od in her boyfriend house who just went to jail she was to high to save him telling everyone she tried no […]

DR ARMY:  Teresa Hoskins is a dirty rotten, lying, cheating pathetic home wrecking slore! She knowingly pursues married men and women in committed relationships and has sex with them in exchange for money, bills paid, gifts, trips and restaurant outings. She uses them for whatever she can get and could care less. Whether she destroys families […]

THE DR ARMY:  There is a Kenneth rost whom lives in Severn MD he is a very dangerous kniving individual who will destroy you at all costs . He is addicted to drugs(crack) and uses women for their money to get high . He is also a woman beater and has had domestic violence suits against him. His […]

THE DR ARMY: This POS stalked my wife for two years and assaulted her while she was shopping for her family. He then posted lies about me and her publicly saying that she had an affair and that I beat her. Let’s be clear. Shoving a married woman against a Walmart shelf, forcefully kissing and groping […]

THE DR ARMY: Meet The DMV’s mentally ill fukboy/musty dreadlock having wannabe rapper Kavin Wahid, better known as Kavin The 1. This silly a55 , sorry a55 excuse for a human being has been committed to stalking the ladies at my job. He is clearly sexually repressed and has a few screws loose. After doing some google […]

THE DR ARMY: You may remember this girl, she has been posted on your site a few years back. She was chasing purple crayon, snorting pepsi and cheating on her now ex fiance while flashing her 2+s to everyone who would look her way. fast forward she almost killed her 8 month old daughter in a […]

THE DR ARMY: Step into the light and see that this deranged man, stage magician and author Daniel Rumanos, is in fact a serial stalker of young girls in the area. The hebephilia is not just show business, as he is a predator of underage girls. The younger the better in his mind. There is something seriously […]

THE DR ARMY: Pari Bagheri is a fat sloppy slore. She walks around Perry Hall like her sh1t don’t stink and she’s the queen of nothing. She’s a fat slob who has nothing better to do with her time then stalk people and shove her fat face. She’s so pathetic she had to have her whole body […]

THE DR ARMY: Pari Bagheri is a gold digging lazy fat slore. She walks around Perry Hall like she’s someone talking smack about people. She’s nothing but a pathetic train wreck that lets her man cheat on her because she doesn’t want to leave and actually get a job. You can’t blame him, who would want to […]

THE DR ARMY:  Yajaira Santos has no shame and had an affair with a married man she went to high point high school with and to make herself feel better because she cannot defend her actions of sleeping with a married man and trying to convince him to leave his pregnant wife in 2014, When she tried […]

THE DR ARMY:Baltimore is a cesspool for loose, stanky, sloreish women. The woman pictured here is no different. Julianne Marie Papanicholas is the stereotypical Baltimore hoodrat. She is a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, and she may go in history as the biggest slore they ever had, even more so than Courtney Lenz or Meghan Smith. She […]

THE DR ARMY: This man pictured here is one the most phoniest, fraudulent pieces of crap to have ever took a dump between two shoes. His name is Andres Felipe Orrillo, (DOB 13/11/1982) and he is a General Manager at Mo’s Seafood, which is a popular seafood place in the Baltimore area. He works at the […]

THE DR ARMY: This man is going around the Baltimore city area burning females his name Antwan Jones his number is {redacted} he lives in Brooklyn projects

THE DR ARMY: Danielle N Gli is a sugar baby & floozy. She acts like she loves her boyfriend, but she is just a nasty slore. Poor guy. He has no idea. She has a picture of her mom on her Facebook profile. Hmmm … wonder if her mom knows she raised a slore? Maybe her mom […]

THE DR ARMY: Baltimore, MD. We all know that city has the over overrated and horrible club scene the US has ever seen. The city is full of slores, and loose women, and murder. The woman pictured here is no different. Erin Lee Whitcomb is one of the most fakest, nastiest women you could ever meet. From what […]

THE DR ARMY: The woman pictured here has to be one of those treacherous and nastiest women the city of Baltimore has ever seen. Courtney Leishear, better known as Courtney Jane to her friends tries to act like she’s a good-hearted woman with a fact she’s one of the most evil minded two-faced backstabbing women you could ever […]

THE DR ARMY:  That we all know that Baltimore, Maryland is one the most overrated disgusting cities of all time. Horrible night clubs and promoters, nasty a55 food and some of the most lose disgusting sloreish women the world has ever seen. The woman picture here is no different. You may have remembered a couple of […]

THE DR ARMY: A floozy who frequents the Baltimore and Annapolis areas posing as a woman. This is a transgender male by the name of Eric Seggel, please see Maryland criminal case search for public records under both names. Long time history as heroin addict and floozy, please complete background check. Also the archives of this website […]

THE DR ARMY:  Jacob Durst age 41 of Baltimore spends his time sexually harassing young women out at bars in the city. Most commonly fells point and mount vernon. When he’s not doing That he trolls the internet and spouts hate about women and minorities. Jacob is a sad excuse of a human living in trump land […]

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