The DR Army:  Alecea was supposed to drop something off at my mailbox at the end of my driveway. I sent her an etransfer for $230 for something that was supposed to be $200. I agreed to help her with gas money so I sent a bit more. She originally said she would drop off […]

THE DR ARMY:   Alayna Dore has had one hell of a time, from being a cam model for “exclusive customers” to having to beg people on facebook to let her stay with them (then getting angry when no one had options.) to now once again posting stuff that lights up neon signs saying “im a floozy.” […]

THE DR ARMY: This guy is by far the most disgusting parent I’ve ever encountered! He’s been caught and known for diddling his own daughter then when he gets caught he throws the blame on somebody else so he doesn’t lose his home. He’ll threaten to end himself when he gets caught doing anything he shouldn’t […]

THE DR ARMY: This girl is with my baby dad and she gets away with abusing my children physically! My second oldest called me on her dads house phone telling me she slapped her arm and grabbed her wrist! She’s disgusting and has drd she’s filled with drds and flaunts herself around like she’s classy when […]

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