The DR Army: Located in OKC Oklahoma. This guy has cheated over and over. He has 5 kids and he stays at random hotels with his assistant while his wife is at home looking after his kids.

The DR Army: so this woman and her friend think it’s funny to get involved in other women’s relationships. Yes. Relationships. As in plural. Let’s all show them our appreciation and leave terrible reviews. Girls support girls right? her and her friend have been messaging men knowing they are with someone. they block and unadd […]

The DR Army:  All the wannabe gangsta and racist white kids like getting jobs here by hawking. You know why ALL of Manitoba comes to wpg to get a supply of krokofil and steroid by ingredients at the only largest suburban mall ??? They also supply for cops and our men in service. Mike they […]

The DR Army: Aka Winnipeg school division. After my science teacher was humiliated and embarrassed by Mr. Richardson she punished me by taking out my social well-being, Integrity, my reputation and gender my female status with the 12 engineers that were killed by Lepine over the native kids giving me a warriors scar over not […]

The DR Army: It is back to Saturday schedule everyday with rush hour being bit of a Sunday. They should rent out trolleys or truck snowmobiles to go to the schools, hospitals, malls, parks, restaurants. When it is a pneumonia season and harsh winters. The 311 call centre is also static too but a email […]

The DR Army: Purchased a desk and bookcase advertised as being very high quality and durable for over $12K. Came in MANY small pieces and not properly packaged. The company shipped it by UPS. EVery box arrived damaged and virtually every piece was chipped, dented or scratched to varying extents. Despite numerous requests, the company […]

The DR Army: I am writing to provide a detailed report regarding the unauthorized sale of a used Bruno Stairlift by Ali Shamei, an authorized representative of Wheelchair Works, to my grandmother. The sale, which amounted to over 4000 CAD, raises serious concerns about Wheelchair Works’ business practices and adherence to ethical standards. The following […]

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