The DR Army: Well where should I start with this Whore , sells drugs wanna be gross stripper lol , stalks guys adds other men’s boyfriends .she’s not a girls girl at all , she’s trashy has stds and party and does coke sells it too , crack also moves around I’ve seen a few […]

The DR Army: Calgary Ladies Beware! Sleeps around without protection, finishes inside anyone. He will get you to commit then cheat on you and lie about it repeatedly! Knows he’s a narcissist but doesn’t care, has bipolar but won’t get therapy or meds, he’s extremely mentally unstable.

The DR Army: Stay away from this one and if you don’t you should definitely wear protection. She does have multiple STIs and will sleep with multiple men without protection. And after the deed is done she’ll tell you what she has. Very mentally unstable and plays the victim card.

The DR Army: Brent Koch is a skinner and preys on minors specially boys. He lures and gets high with minors and them pimps them out on sites. He is disgusting and too immature to have any real friends. Careful with this one, keep him away from minors. He uses them for his own sick […]

The DR Army: This man is a narcissist and juices everybody around him. He is not your friend. He will try to manipulate his way right to your financials. He cannot keep a job. He left here because he ruined his reputation and everybody who is associated with him. I feel bad for his new […]

The DR Army: Theres a reason Kobi Volk’s nickname is “Big Holes” and its not because of how fat she is. If you know who Kobi is you know how ugly & fake she is. Always selling herself on OF and hiding behind eyelashes and a full face of makeup. Dont trust this fake hoe. […]

The DR Army: Hey everyone david peeke is getting out of jail here shirtless he’s a pedophile he’s in calgary ab jail he’s out this week and want everyone to know about him he’s a danger to kids we all know that as well becareful mdon the look out for him here is his picture […]

The DR Army: Anybody else dating her . Cristina millott ?? From calgary. I have a suspicion she’s seeing other people and if things are supposed to be exclusive between us. I’ll just break it off if I find out otherwise. Mike: DR411

The DR Army: Hit up the easy Justiss sylvester aka juicey.monkey and get a ticket ride everyone has tried even guys in relationships! Presenting Winnipeg’s justiss sylvester!! Known to be easy, sleezy, an very meaty.

The DR Army: Brooke Mackenzie, being vulnerable and getting attached can be scarring, but that is ort of the dating process, no one find love or build any healthy relationship without going through it, and yes, sometimes we do this and break our hearts, it’s part if the process. Please don’t post guys thisbis toxic […]

The DR Army: Heads up on this gem Larissa. Serial cheater, narcissistic, daddy issues the list goes on. Update: This is Larissa, from Calgary. Beware stay away, serial cheater, narcissistic! Will make sure she has a new guy lined up when she is done with you. Will come off as a cool chick… but she’s […]

The DR Army: Stay clear of this one fellas. Jess from Calgary. Emotionally unstable.. or maybe just a moody drunk. Nice over text. Much different in person.

The DR Army: Meet Matt Hoefling, married to Julia. He went online to meet people last year and when rejected, due to the fact that he’s married, still living with his wife, went on a smear campaign and tirade. This is a married man, who was politely and respectfully dumped due to BEING married, who […]

The DR Army: Her name is Lesley Yakobchuk, she’s got some serious mental health issues, very manipulative and a cheater, found out she cheated on me tonight, merry Christmas. Stay safe out there gents! Her name is Lesley Yakobchuk, she’s got some serious mental health issues, very manipulative and a cheater, found out she cheated […]

The DR Army: Bad manager who can’t keep people from leaving Bonavista to run away from her. She’s only good for her looks, which are fading rapidly. All the plastic surgery in the world can’t cover up her low self esteem and her lack of ability to manage people. Constant cheating with whomever she wants […]

The DR Army: Jesse Coljee is the biggest head in all of Chesty and Calgary. I slept with him while his baby mama was pregnant and he told me to beat her up. I asked him to pull out and he never did. Everyone he fuks he knocked up but cant afford any of them. […]

The DR Army: This individual has been seen all over every dating site. Has been through multiple women, manipulating each as he continues to have multiple sexual partners. Many women, with whom he has unprotected sex. As a search was pursued, the subject committed an unspeakable act to an escort out of Grande Prairie, do […]

The DR Army: What more can describe her better than her high school nick name? Bragged about doing s.favours back then, sleeping with married men now. It’s observant to say there is no self respect and is just completely selfish, self centred, self serving, self involved. Passes out in people’s vehicles saying “I was just […]

THE DR ARMY: This girl I tell you has been with so many guys in Calgary. No one wanted to be with her. Now that she is dating that fudu manjit phagura she thinks she’s all that. He’s not even a jatt she’s disgracing her family by bringing home someone not even from her own caste. […]

THE DR ARMY: First, and foremost I had no idea Donald Smith Was a predator! There is something really off about this guy! Also there is something seriously wrong with his mental health! He acts like a total weirdo, whack job! you can see it in him! I felt bad for this guy at first! But after all […]

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