The DR Army: This chick bounces back and forth from bc to alberta and is the town bike where ever she goes. I’m glad her reputation is finally catching up to her. Avoid this nasty as much as possible. Even her ig screams attention whore. Mike: What’s the use of that walkie talkie? Here

The DR Army: Carl is a hidden alcoholic and addictKeep him away from your children as well.Comes off sweet and loving but the moment you find the truth out that all changes.Speaks nothing but dirt about the mother’s of his children.Location Vancouver Island.Run if you want to be safe Mike: Nice Pic!

The DR Army: This 50 year old immigrant aka a predator harasses minors on social media and in real life too. The polices are fully aware of this criminal and watches every move this dumb old milf makes lol. She will be welcomed in Canadian jail or deportation back to her filthy country. Mike: Which […]

The DR Army: You want the story? This girl was controlling and stole from my boyfriends family. No one wanted her around. She held A KNIFE to my boyfriends throat and threatened him. He never cheated on her. She just couldnt accept the fact he didnt want to be with her and realized he wanted […]

The DR Army: This little homewrecker stole my man about a few months ago now me and him were dating for almost a year actually he left me for her a month before our 1 year classic she was apparently fucking him for 4 months while we were together and she can’t say she didn’t […]

The DR Army: Katrina “Red” Ramsay from Prince Edward Island. In a long term relationship herself but has no issue sending nudes and trying to arrange hookups with guys she knows are in relationships as well. 0 shame.

The DR Army: If your man works in a health care keep him away from this woman. This is Kennedy Noel. Girl from the picture. My sister in law has been doing this for 3 years. She is the owner of the 5th wave espresso and tea bar. I was offered to press criminal chargers […]

The DR Army: Kyle a current resident of Abbotsford has a lengthy history of having an appetite for underage girls, whom he lures with the use of drugs, despite their vulnerable states and poor state of mind he still finds it morally correct to record his sexual acts with them including his wife as well, […]

The DR Army: Watch out for this dangerous guy who goes by Kabal Guy on Facebook. He exploits and hunts for children on Facebook and lures them with a promise to allow them to play with his Formula 1 and other cars. Then he will give them drinks laced with things and takes advantage of […]

The DR Army: Ivana doesn’t support other women instead she goes after married men and other people’s boyfriends she still is into the drugs and only hangs out with low life people she talks negatively about clients behind their back and should not run a lash business not to mention she doesn’t sanitize her equipment […]

The DR Army: Laura Pava has been talking to and dating several men off dating sites! But she doesn’t tell them she is a sex worker and is only out for money!! This girl is gross and need’s to be arrested! Also known as a snow bunny, she likes to party with the Pepsi! Mike: […]

The DR Army:  Tasha Kjosness dated multiple men in the last few years, she is FULLY aware she has STD’s that can not be cured yet she continues to have unprotected sex with many different men! She is on all the girl’s groups talking about different men! She is a sloot and a homewrecker! Grow […]

The DR Army: This guy Exposes u to devil poison while proposing , Says he still has the ring He Posts FB photos of himself when he is in his 20s When in reality He is age 41 He’s 100% Demonic Getting his x he divorced to get his canada citizenship now After police told […]

The DR Army: Taylor Mac. she uses guys to get free dinners, gets them to buy her every thing. Comes across sweet and nice “perfect” girl but in the end she is a Manipulator gas lighter who only has time to see you 3 days a week because she’s busy with the roster. When she’s […]

The DR Army: Lady’s this boy is about as sharp as a balloon. And that’s being nice. Running around forest lawn doing tricks on his bike. And I mean pedal bike girls. For a grown man you sure have alot of growing to do.. this guy will stick his dick in anyone, man or woman. […]

The DR Army: Don’t ever trust Shavohn Bowe around your kids she might burn them with her crack pipe she can’t even look after her own kid. Even though she gets everything from her drug dealing baby daddy she still sends nudes to anyone who will pay $$$. Mike: She looks hardcore lol

The DR Army: baby mama & an escort. setting the bar high for her child. asher baby father is extremely proud to say that’s his whore. while the husband pimps the wife all day long, she doing tricks until her body gives out. gives 100% to her « husband » beware of these wonderful people. Mike: Well […]

The DR Army: Jennifer stephens and Michael Giroux from Surrey these two full on junkies, never seen such a “power couple” lmao these two crackheads act as if they’re the best. but all the do is smoke meth, ride the subways, wear masks in public like they’re something. oh don’t forget, they like to fuck […]

The DR Army: Ladies, if your man has even a spare dollar, she’ll suck it to get it. Leaving a trail of bodies behind her, this former professional dominatrix is still spreading dirty shit around from her herpes infected cooch. Now trying to make it as a burlesque dancer, she’s shaking her cottage cheese looking […]

The DR Army: Erik saunders is a pedophile, he dates minors and has sex with them, then as soon as he finds someone else hes gone. He snitches on everyone and is a pathalogical lier. Hes worked twice in his life and got fired so nows hes been on aish all his life, he abused […]

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