The DR Army: Jeise J Hayes from Edmonton Alberta is a loser with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) This guy does nothing all day but to creep women on dating sites, and then he will post you on those men group that he is comfortable with. If you let me wait for 5 minutes he will […]

The DR Army: Just a fair warning. Military Man from North Edmonton, AB. He visits Vancouver to see family.He got my friend pregnant. He lied to her for three years I think. He said he loved her but used her for connections, money, gifts and so on. Gaslighting and verbally abusive if he doesn’t get […]

The DR Army: This guys will trick you into thinking he is your match made in heaven , he can do and be anything you want him to be he is like a chameleon he blends in like he read your diary before meeting you . He tells you his sad ass story about his […]

The DR Army: This guy is a 24 yr old player names Nick or known by his high school drop outs he loves playing with, Nickybaby. He likes them super young and from Wagner High School. He will love you and do a ball or line at his “friends” houses and disappear for days at […]

The DR Army: Adrian Wolfe of Edmonton is an absolute loser. He is mid-20’s and is on AISH, even though he is able-bodied. People work with mental illnesses all of the time.He has nothing to offer. Weird-looking, selfish, doesn’t cook or clean, possessive, and needy. Dating him would be like having a child who can’t […]

The DR Army: Mariah/Yvette can be found getting trains ran up on her at parlours , private parties & in the back seat of your local neighborhood in Belvedere in Edmonton, alberta. I’ve known this dump for over 15 years Getting shitfaced to the point of belligerence is pretty high up there. Constant cheating on […]

The DR Army: Real name Justin Roger Crathorne. Goes by Carl chew or Colton. Born July 16th 1989. Will prey on homeless vulnerable girls and pimp them out, beat them,break bones,choke them, make them do things for drugs or super cheap, rape them, isolate them, cut ties with their family and friends, break their phones, […]

The DR Army: Do meth heads ever stop being meth heads or are they just multplyin this drug addict can smoke a ball of meth faster then nythn i have ever seen befor I’m surprised Megan or shall I say Teela escort in Edmonton is still ALIVE She abandoned her family to sell herself she […]

The DR Army: drug addicted dead beat mom passing around Gonorrhoea in 780 Selina does drugs 24/7 This catfish thinks she’s all that she got a flat ass no tits This slore to stop sleeping with married men unprotected she’s desperate spreading infections I highly recommend approaching with caution, downright gross selina doesnt shower everyday, and […]

The DR Army: Do not trust these two, both are drunks and one has herpes. Glenna owes alot of money to people and is a dirty girl. Glenna has herpes and has been sleeping with a man while her bf is at camp. This old goof owes me alot of money and is very abusive. […]

The DR Army: Be careful guys. Some woman out there live just to talk about the date she had with you and share with other woman just to feel better about themselves. If you are talking with this one be carefull your probably being posted online she live for this. She think way too highly […]

The DR Army: She was posted on the old Dirty website over 10 times since 2015. One of Edmonton’s most well known street skanks who tries to act like she gets money but is actually a hoe for hire and has been with every drug dealer and club owner in the city. This chick is […]

The DR Army: This ugly man faced sloot is Sarah Brownwyn Cox (how fitting of a last name since she’s had more than her fair share of ”cox” in her mouth and all the other holes in her hideous std infested body. LOL. This sloot talks shit about ALL of her coworkers. Makes fun of […]

The DR Army: This pedo looking jew is the embodiment of a KIKE and an oven dodger. I work with him at a medical clinic and let me tell you this nasty smelly jew is exactly why jews are labelled as snakes and evil. He is as fake as his smile and screams white privilege. […]

The DR Army: This ugly oval face fat cow is Dr. Angela Reimer. She is the embodiment of white privilege. Her personality resembles a wet cardboard. She likes to chase underage boys and sits around on FB all night hitting on young boys offering them money for sex. She is a joke of a doctor […]

The DR Army: Little miss JJ. Remember, no matter what she says, you ain’t the only one bro. Edmonton girl Mike: The eyebrow tho

The DR Army: Ladies watch out for this One because he is a boy Trapped in a man’s body. I was independent And stable in my own home.Well, an apartment, but still it was my home. After years of living on the street’s and I finally got a chance to have a home of my […]

The DR Army: Careful guys, my friend dated this girl for way too long. She’s a mess loves to blame her ex for her shitty life. She’s broke and borrows money all the time. She loves to sleep around and share her diseases.

The DR Army: This loser likes to brag to women that he’s got money but this bum is broke AF. On all the dating apps and has been posted to women’s groups on FB. Beat up and sexually assaulted his ex and went to jail for it. This guy is a woman’s nightmare so watch […]

The DR Army: This dude is the biggest squid in Edmonton. A truly delusional psycopath with a history of abusing women, drugs, and animals. He dated a stripper named Amber whom he beat up several times when he was high on meth. Left his son Ryder in the care of his baby momma, Kara Huard, […]

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