The DR Army: She was sleeping with my soon to be ex husband knowing he was married and a grandpa and gave him herpes. She’s done this to many married guys around New Zealand, including her ex-bff’s husband, and gloats about it like it’s a prize. A 46 year old multiple divorcee and forever dumped […]

The DR Army: My fiance cheated with this creature. They are co-workers and she’s just an adult intern in their company. When the affair got discovered and escalated in their workplace, she probably did not know how to save her unsorry ass and complained to their management for sexual harassment against my fiance and some […]

The DR Army: David, 45 Be aware ladies, this is my husband, he’s on bail away from me for DA charges, he has 3 current assault charges, 2 on women. Please get a Claires Law disclosure for your own piece of mind, no matter what he says about me, please just do that Mike: Claires […]

The DR Army: Mike, look at all these rules, the fb group (cult) at this point they might as well just shut down the groups with all these rules.. like wtf did i just read?? Mike: Just post here

The DR Army: Worcestershire, England, UK. This man has ruined my life for nearly 20 years total. Ive been with him since school and he has been my Husband for the last 10 years. Financial and emotional abuse throughout. Only found out about the affairs after I left to move into rented. Decided I am […]

The DR Army: Initials are E.H. We dated for a few months after matching on a dating app. He quickly became possessive, jealous and later physically abusive. He did not respect my sexual boundaries. He was charming in the beginning but then started to ask me who talked to me whenever I came to his […]

THE DR ARMY: Now you may take a look at her and think, wow, that’s one sexy woman. Morgan looks like she has everything sorted for her. She’s got a gorgeous face, a fit body and appears like one hell of a fashionable lady. But don’t be fooled. This beautiful woman has a secret that she […]

THE DR ARMY: This is Grace Kessler, she’s a Ft Wayne Sugar Baby or should I say Splenda Baby! She’s known for sleeping with men for money and rumor has it she has DRD! Let’s spread a little love for Grace!

THE DR ARMY: This girl Amanda Penfold has been harassing a guy and his family for over two years because he ended a relationship with her. To this day, she is making fake accounts in his name and sexually harassing woman. When In a relationship with him, she would cheat, and even sit by him on her FB […]

THE DR ARMY: Josh Barnes is a serial abuser and malignant narcissist whose favorite pastime is to get drunk and berate and beat women. He lives in Milwaukie’s Miramonte Lodge and works at Cascade Record Pressing for owner/best friend and fellow ‘ex’ nazi Mark Rainey who he met in the white power scene. He has recently reinvented […]

THE DR ARMY:  This chick cheats on every boyfriend she ever has. That’s no understatement. Victoria Taylor dates a guy, sleeps with another, then dates the guy she was sleeping with, and then the cycle starts all over. She is currently dating some poor schmuck who of course she has cheated on who knows how many times. So men […]

THE DR ARMY: So my husband whom I’ve been with for almost 5 years now decided to screw Shelly Brown! She knew we were together and didn’t care! Then to top it off…. We had to kick her out of a property we own- there was dog piss everywhere and maggots in the cupboards. What makes men […]

THE DR ARMY:  So Nina Wiley’s daughter posted videos and pictures on Twitter from her underage drinking party involving 16 year olds. Reached out to the mother to let her know as a concerned parent and her response was to call me a b*tch and say she already knew. Once she realized my kid was involved she changed […]

THE DE ARMY:  Did you see this story about boys at a high school in Hollister wearing women’s off the shoulder tops to protest the school not wanting girls to wear them? Check out the story here. And I want to know your thoughts!

THE DR ARMY: From the very first day I met Marco Biagi, I have told him everything about my life. No lies at all. He accepted me for who I am and we started dating. We were together for 1.5 years. We spent every single day and night together physically. We would text and video call each […]

THE DR ARMY: Ashley Murdoch likes to have sex for money while her hubby is at work. Worst part is that for an extra $25 you don’t have to use a condom. No telling what diseases she’s spreading to her family and the guys that are paying her. Disgusting.

THE DR ARMY: This pos Daniel Brown is a woman beater and psychotic alcoholic. He claims every one of his exes are crazy, when really it is he who is the crazy one. He physically abused me for 3 years until I gained enough confidence to press charges after the worst beating ever. He claims I stole his […]

THE DR ARMY:  This nurse lives in West Layfette, Indiana she is deeply racist and wishes harm towards children … she is a RN.

THE DR ARMY:  I am kindly requesting that this post below be removed.  It has come up in interviews and annual reviews from employers since it is the first thing that comes up when you google my name even though it’s over 6 years old.  My boss specifically asked me if I could figure out a […]

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