Grand Prairie

The DR Army: Stay away from this trainwreck Maegan who’s known to travel between GP and FSJ. She’ll leach off you like she does her baby daddy. She’s an alcoholic and drug addict with a body that looks like Frankenstein from all the botched Mexican surgeries. She’s all over Tinder and POF but beware; she’s […]

The DR Army: Watch for this b1tch, this crazy b1tch sleep around and spread her chubby thighs for anyone. Maybe if she did more Pepsi she would loss the weight. She’ll proudly say she’s a sloot, she’s been passed around every site she goes to ‘makes friends’ then fuks each one day by day, watch […]

The DR Army: Be careful around this one. Shes a thieving sl0t, addicted to pepsi and needles. Shes an absulte f0kin mess. Gets the jitters when she dont have pepsi and is an absolute b1tch to her loving sexy boyfriend. Dont know why he puts up with her sh1t. She keeps getting dogs and cats […]

The DR Army: Dirty gp diamond/ calgary stripper, will try to f*ck anything that walks and lie about it. Mike: Isn’t she a bodybuilder or something?

The DR Army: Oof this guy, I don’t know whose been lucky enough to hookup with this guy. But man oh man you should get checked. I met him awhile ago and he seemed to be the perfect guy at first. Then I realized he was fuking some other girl that looks like she just […]

The DR Army: This b1tch Mandy Cuthbert from Grande Prairie is the reason why so many relationships have failed. First of all whoever is stupid enough to fuk a b1tch like this without a paper bag over her head is a desperate loser. She spreads sexual drds to all of Grande Prairie and she sleeps with anything […]

THE DR ARMY: This disgusting drd infected slore has locked her claws in her next victim oops I mean baby daddy. Moves from man to man for a child support cheque. Lies about getting paid for the last baby trap to secure the next. Uses anyone she can, and neglects her kids while she parties. The […]

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