The DR Army: Will completely explode if you disagree with her on anything. Can’t keep a job because she cannot handle being told what to do in any aspect of life. Was a stripper in BC and a junkie. she says she’s clean it doesn’t seem like it. wrap it up real tight if you […]

The DR Army: Wasnt is not to say about the horsemouth sloot. Fake as fuk!!! Was at party not long ago and here she was in hot tub naked with three other men high a fuk on blow. This girl is conceit as they come. Everything handed to her almost 40 years old. Still living […]

The DR Army: People need to know that this women is involved in so much underage sex trafficking in ns. Heart breaks for her cus shes someone that got suked in herself but she really is out here posting her lavish life on social media and sucking 13..14 year old girls thinking they can have […]

The DR Army: Yeah here she is again! Jackie Saunders, already mentioned on here back in 2015 with ROSETTE DEVINE. Jackie is a dirty drunk slore who sells herself for a couple bucks. She is full a drd and will be ran thru by anyone who gives her some dollars for her addictions! She had […]

THE DR ARMY: Meet sackvilles biggest slore Tanya Pelrine this mutt flirts with any guy that shows her attention! She fuks on the first date and carries drds be fair warned guys! She plays the sweet and innocent victim of abuse card but really she is fuking and chucking anything she can get her hands on and moving […]

THE DR ARMY: This man, Cameron Dopler, is currently serving in the Navy and has been arrested by the military police on numerous occasions while on other bases for sexual assault. – They just seem to keep moving him around in the hopes that he’ll change. He has no business serving in the military. Furthermore, he fancies […]

DR ARMY: This narcissistic psycho slore is dirty as they come. New guy every few weeks. She’s got DRDs and doesn’t give a fuk. She gets with guys while talking to other guys she wants to get more from. She will cry and bawl her eyes out when you leave the crazy b1tch all the while […]

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