The DR Army: Ariana has a long history of announcing relationships with men suspiciously soon after they leave their previous significant others. The most recent and flagrant example is her current boyfriend, Ethan Slater, which other comments have discussed. However, that’s just the latest in a long line of accusations of cheating and getting with […]

The DR Army: Olivia has come to Los Angeles to lay on her back to try and make it in this city. Not much talent in anything else and tries to justify her sex work as being legitimate and tells all her friends she makes her money from modeling. Ladies make sure your men stay […]

THE DR ARMY: I heard people say this and it”s a known fact too. That when ever Krissy needs something and she doesn’t want it trailing back to her. She gets Ernie to do it. All it takes is Krissy covering his drinks at the bar and he will plainly do it. He’s mailed things. Delivered […]

THE DR ARMY: I have to say this. It’s the fuking truth. Kristin is one of those b1tches that will talk about herself and her app as if she’s the American sweet ❤. Well it’s complete bullsh1t. I know this Woman is nothing but a lying con artist. This Woman taking money from people for her […]

THE DR ARMY: Liana Spano approached my colleagues and I in June of 2017 about investing in a project of hers. Come to find out she is trying to run an adult business. She is extremely smart, seems to really know her biz, but actually has terrible judgement in people she hangs with and how she tries […]

THE DR ARMY:  This is Dan Torens! He’s a 62 year old pig that loves c0ck! He wears diapers and chastity. His ex wife luut would be quite surprised to find out her ex is still very well a PORN addict and he is exposed all over the internet for being a sissy pervert! Expose this old […]

THE DR ARMY:  I’ve taken his classes at Yoga works in Westwood and he’s completely unprofessional and inappropriate. He preaches namaste with great intentions but his ultimate motive is to sleep with you. Typical, cunning and completely violating.

THE DR ARMY:  This guys Father stole 250k from his son to start and open Burger Kitchen in LA. And later with the help of Jason Cestaro who was the owner of Libertine on Sunset. Jason ran both Businesses to the Ground. I know this because I represented Jason in many legal Battles including one with […]

THE DR ARMY:  This baghoe is fake AF, milking her looks all she can because she dumb. She throws that DRD puss at anyone that give her some China white so she can knod out all stupid. Don’t believe anything she says and keep and eye on her thieving a55. She will try working you for […]

THE DR ARMY:  This jendeh is a character. She is an American privileged brat who is supposedly “anti-capitalist” and “left-wing” yet goes only to capitalist countries to visit such as Germany, Netherlands, etc…while bashing Capitalism and turning her back on women executed in our Islamic countries. This lunatic thinks Islam is a race and ethnicity. She […]

THE DR ARMY: This bagh0e is as a sack chaser. Will put out for China white. She tried floozying but it took too long to get to the sack so rather trade directly with dealer. She a bum with no money to support her habit tries being a waitress but is horrible at it just keeps […]

THE DR ARMY:  I’ve taken his classes at Yoga works in Westwood and he’s completely unprofessional and inappropriate. He preaches namaste with great intentions but his ultimate motive is to sleep with you. Typical, cunning and completely violating. **DA spelled the name wrong but this guys been creeping for years. Tragic abuse of power and I’m […]

THE DR ARMY: This girl right here is a liar. She potrays to be some business person on instagram but in reality, she is a floozy.I have banged her many times near Orange County.

THE DR ARMY:  Roman Dent is a Hollywood crook posing as a real estate developer and producer when really he sits at home, parties and takes photos of his girlfriend half naked all day. He cons people out of money when’s he is not scamming his wealthy parents into supporting his partying lifestyle. His current girlfriend […]

THE DR ARMY:  This is Irina Izvekova from Russia. Her and her husband are slum lords in Venice, California. She is constantly cash hungry to get her Pepsi fix. She sneaks behind her husbands back and bangs all the foreigners that stay at their house they rent out. I feel so bad that her children have […]

THE DR ARMY: Somebody please baptize this man with his own reality television show. My initial interaction with this self proclaimed luxury real estate professional was atrocious. Yes, he’s experienced, yes he’s had longevity and has an online presence. He’s incredulous, narcissistic, and completely self absorbed. Absolutely zero active listening and I didn’t find humor in […]

THE DR ARMY:  Hi everyone, meet Iris Avalee Cheung.She thinks shes a model and actress when in reality shes a pathetic homewrecking slore who has never worked a day in her life.Because she has rich parents to pay for everything and her fake +2s all she does is travel and ruin relationships.She only dates married white […]

THE DR ARMY:  Welcome one and all! Meet the ever so materialistic slore Maria Flores the aspiring aesthetician, accounts receivable and entrepreneur. This girl will befriend you out of pure evil. She will hit up your man nonstop and send messages to your man behind your back. She is the most malicious selfish two face hoe! […]

THE DR ARMY: I saw this girl performing in LA last month and she’s flipping amazing. Check out her music y’all! She’s going places im sure about it. Spread the news and do good.

THE DR ARMY: Watch out for this lying and cheating woman hungry thirsty POS. Has women all over the country and trying to get them to move to him. He uses women to get money and gifts sent to him and says how much he loves them when he hasn’t even met them yet. He’s a […]

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