The DR Army: Cheyenne Supernault. Is extremely easy but stay away. You’ll get diseases and she’ll probably try and not leave you alone afterwards or fuck your friends

The DR Army: Talked to her for about 2 weeks on Tinder/snap. Insists we get a 50$ meal minimum or your considered “broke”, definitely has a boyfriend, moves all around. Claims to be from Kamloops, but matched with her here/so have others. Lies about her heritage/background. Says shes a “model from Puerto Vallarta” but shes […]

The DR Army: Kelowna favorite crackhead back at it again! This Gollum resembling creature can be found: downtown, boosting things from the mall, on hein road or at any bus stop in Rutland. Kayleigh’s hobbies are : stealing people’s cats, beefing peoples unborn babies, stealing whatever she can get her hands on, hanging out with […]

The DR Army: Amanda from Kelowna. Only on dating sites for marketing to get followers for her social media. Thanks she’s some big time influencer & realty mogul. Mike: Bros mad cuz she’s packin more then him

THE DR ARMY: This fat slob has taken over the fentanyl lines of kamloops for her x fentanyl king bf konaam aka kato LMAO got wiped out in kamloops by the wannabe bikers and she picked up where he left off.

THE DR ARMY: This disgusting dirt pig is a poor excuse of existence. He thinks he is the best looking guy around and that he can treat anyone like sh1t. He makes up the craziest stories with his split personality and then tries to spread it around town when that doesn’t work he will sleep with […]

THE DR ARMY:   This pathetic manipulator plays women and is homeless. He claims to be always trying to get clean and sober but it’s just to play others. He uses women and sex to have a harem of options for places to stay and he knocks up women never wanting to be anything to them […]

THE DR ARMY: This multi virus , tin foil crinkling Hep C carrying street floozy junkie is the worst of the worst. She’s kamloops own heroin hero and escort Natasha Sandbach, but goes by the name Saphire. She’s the one who steals off the ones who help , she fuks whomever for free points , lies to her […]

THE DR ARMY: This low life approached me in a pub one night, claiming his wife had died. After listening to his sad story and smooth talk, he offered me his wedding ring and drugs, asking If we could leave and have a good time. I’m glad somone stepped in and shut it down because it […]

THE DR ARMY: This guy thinks hes hot sh1t but hes a cold fart. He be on the dating sites thinking he’s so cool but he a roid rager Junkie drunk woman beating pedophile. So fuking gross. Ladies have some class and don’t do this guy in class. Like he’s bald and old and the load […]

THE DR ARMY: So this is a spineless weeb that does awful and psycho things to people but never owns up and lies about them. Her and her sloot drd friend Haley first off all went behind their friends back and both fuked her boyfriend behind her back but takea will never own up to it […]

THE DR ARMY: She’s always drinking and doing pepsi infront of and around her kids doesn’t work lives on any man she’s with…cheated on her last bf she was with for years with his bestfriend sent him pictures all the time of her naked and posing for him wanting to get fuked because she’s a gross […]

THE DR ARMY: Where do I start with this girl. She cheated on her now ex boyfriend and begs no one hears about it since her rep is already shot, got dumped and blames everyone else for it, made a “premium” snap that’s fake and thinks ppl want to pay $25 for 5 basic greasy noods, […]

THE DR ARMY: This chick thinks shes so hot shes the dirtiest little pig out their. Spreading her drd all over and telling people shes clean. Her fish smelling rotten dirty pussy is so nasty. She has the flatest a55 just tell her you have a hoot and she’ll let you stick it in her butt […]

THE DR ARMY: I met this woman on tinder of all places, chatted a bit then went on a date. I met Lola she was pretty cool and seemed alright, A few days later she says I have to tell you something , my name isnt Lola its Renee….. , I was like RED FLAG RUN […]

THE DR ARMY:  Only 18 years old and early caught about everything possible from her 40+ “partners”. She speaks like she is a baby so guys will like her. She is always sleeping around with other girls boyfriends, tells them she is pregnant so they break up with their girl. I would not recommend having any […]

THE DR ARMY: DJ, using mental illness as an excuse, likes to find vulnerable girls/women and use them, abuse them, and lie to his and their friends about it. He is manipulative and slimy, and on top of that he gives out STIs. Look up toxic in the dictionary and his pic is there.

THE DR ARMY: This dirty ass chug hates herself so much she will do anything with any guy. Single or taken. She’ll fuk around with a guy who has a pregnant girlfriend. Cheats on her own bf. Terrible mother, piece of fuking scvm. Keep your dirty brown infested vagina to yourself and stop ruining families. Focus […]

THE DR ARMY: This fuking scvm run his Tongue and this he’s knows everything. Always making jokes about fuking girls when he actually can’t get any. Is in love with her best friend that’s a dude . Smokes heroine outta his bong then let’s other people smokes weed out of it and doesn’t tell them. He […]

THE DR ARMY: This disgusting crack baby does everything she can’t to make other people believe she is worth something 😂 she isn’t. She begs her friend for money and rides and gets mad when they say she is using them then plays victim because she only has one brain cell and losT everything she had […]

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