The DR Army: It’s early days, are just planning to meet but something struck me as odd in his profile, sounded a bit possessive and I wasn’t sure if it was a red flag or not. Interestingly enough based on the other comments he isn’t even a commitment kind of guy lol

THE DR ARMY: This girl is a huge Sloot, she sleeps with everyone she goes on dates with! She is a Tinder lifer trying to find her prince charming she is so desperate to have a baby and get married that she sleeps with EVERYONE but watch out it like throwing a hot dog down a […]

THE DR ARMY:  Don’t leave this loser alone with your kids because he’s a diddler and is responsible for me losing my kids. I allowed him in my home and now I lost my kids because this junkie touched my son. He robbed me blind and left me with nothing like he’s done to all the […]

THE DR ARMY: There is so much to be said about this psychotic b1tch. I could go on and on about this cvm dumpster of a pig but I will keep this brief. I don’t think this dumb b1itch knows how tell the fuking truth about anything. This b1tch talks circles around herself. She fuking lies […]

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