Medicine Hat

The DR Army: Winter Bowery smash, pass or something more? Mike: Looks like she could steal your soul in your sleep

The DR Army: this is Sydney Osgood everybody, but the whole city of Medicine Hat already knows exactly who she is. She is a meth addict, alcoholic, who lost her kid to her baby daddy because she’s that bad of a mom. She does meth with her mom AND dad, her entire family is banned […]

The DR Army: Jayden Lynn / Berreth Is the Gislain Maxwell of Medicine Hat. She’s not enough of a women herself so to make up for it, together with her boyfriend Cody Berreth they take pride on praying on young, vulnerable, teenage women in gyms, bars and sports events. Complete disregard if the young women […]

The DR Army: Her name is Justina, she lived in Medicine Hat a while back but is now living in Lethbridge. Heard she’s making the rounds.

The DR Army: Name is Sky, on pof she wants to find her other half. Than she’s also on fetlife looking for a play partner Seems like she doesn’t know what she wants Mike: Keeping herself busy

The DR Army: This starving piece of trash has been spreading her quick drunk legs all cross Medicine Hat lately ranging from 60 year olds to 19 year olds but once you say no to the squid she will turn and run yelling rape to any and everyone willing to listen. At one point she […]

The DR Army: This piece of trash right here, Robin Laffin aka roxxy foxx or foxxy deville thinks she is a “catch” I’m not sure the amount of times she has moved already because she keeps on getting chased out of town for being the town bicycle. She has wide open social media accounts in […]

The DR Army: Mike, fellow hatters i would like to introduce you to Erica Picard this little girl is the dirtiest little trap in medicine hat she will have sex with you then try to charge you with rape the next day. if you don’t give her drugs she will start crying like the little […]

The DR Army: All she does..she steals your bf and treats them like sh1t. She is nothing.. she plays boys and make them like her then breaks their hearts don’t let her near your bf if you want to keep them.

The DR Army: Big Home Wrecker.She talks about having step daddy and mommy’s money.. but have you seen those BUCK TEETH?? i’ve never met somebody so ugly in my life. Her skin is so patchy she reminds me of a cow. Her nostrils flair when she breaths lmao. I just kind of find it funny […]

The DR Army: This little girl acts like she’s 7. Not even exaggerating. You think you’ve heard the most annoying voice in the world? Well you haven’t until you’ve heard autumns. Sounds like a dying chipmunk. She mooches off anyone she can find. She brags about doing pepsi with her dad when she was 12. […]

The DR Army: This is mikhaela Elizabeth master Kingston. I see that she is already on DirtyReboot. This train wreck of a poor excuse for a mother. She will date men to get her drugs and pay her rent. She has a bad habit of getting in the middle of relationship whether it’s a friendship […]

The DR Army: Watch your wallet guys. This girl here took my friend for a lot of money. He was stupid enough to fall for her game and payed for everything she wanted and when it slowed down she left him. Taralyn has no heart

The DR Army: Watch out for this one, complete scammer, will promise she wants to meet you and tell you she wants to meet up but then won’t show up unless you send her money, turns out she also has a boyfriend and it looks like they are in on the scam together, she goes […]

THE DR ARMY: This pathological liar will sit there put naked pictures of her up on Snapchat Instagram you name it she’s on it just to get herself some attention, she’ll sleep with anything and everything that has a cock, or anything that will give her drugs so she can neglect her two children even more.

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