The DR Army: Crystal doesn’t want to invest in her own marriage. She needs validation from other men. She shows up at their work with her kids and freaks them out. She has saggy tits and a saggy body and is masculine and it’s gross AF. She’s the homewrecker will meet the wife and the […]

The DR Army: She was a flirt that worked at biolife in Billings asked me to hangout one day I was like eh sure then she got into some weird blocking every other day then unblocking apologizing blaming it on herself gets some dick and blocks again turns out she had a boyfriend she has […]

The DR Army: Say hello to Kendall Rasmussen aka Roxanne Greene known in Billings Montana as the Billings hoe she is a thief a liar and a wanted felon out of Seattle Washington she is the biggest homewrecker in Montana she is currently messing around with several married men at this time I have already […]

THE DR ARMY:¬†Hold on to your men ladies. This loser trash heap is on the loose and looking for your sympathy She has a bundle of kids from many different dudes. She lies she cheats and she steals. Uses her baby daddies for paydays while she is out dressing like a hooker and playing the […]

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