New Jersey

The DR Army: This is Chris Drago. He’s from South River, New Jersey. He likes to date women who are young enough to be his daughter who have daddy issues. His wife may or may not know but he’s abusive so I’m sure she does but can’t do anything about it.

The DR Army: Anthony NJ This is my soon to be ex husband of 19 years who got caught cheating on me for the 2nd time. 1st time he catfished some girl Ella From PA (who had a boyfriend) but they never meet in person. 3 years later (last year) November 30th he was working […]

The DR Army: Anthony NJ This is my soon to be ex husband. He cheated on me for at least 10 years. I found out 3 years ago there was one girl then he admitted more in the past. bullied me into staying with him and promised he would never cheat again. He shared his […]

The DR Army: Dump Truck GiGi aka Gina the 10 time homewrecker (since highschool) who inserted and bombarded (literally) her way into someone else’s relationship masquerading herself as his friend..some how got access to his phone to spy on her then fiancé (now ex fiancé) on socials.. even liked her own pictures on instagram off […]

The DR Army: I just want to put a warning out there..This guy recently slipped something into my drink on our first date..I don’t want this to happen to anyone else please beware his name is Jeff and he’s 48.. lives in NJ but works in Rye, Stamford and NYC. Please be careful. Mike: Isn’t […]

The DR Army: Don’t date or meet up with him. He goes by Shane or Shane Summer. He has an entire sleeve of colored tattoos. He states he is from Florida and he lives in Military housing in the Bayonne area. We met up twice and even at the gym in Bayonne, NJ and then […]

The DR Army: Linda Messina Glaser from Marlboro, NJ she is truly a horrible human being, she harrased me and my children with pictures, audios and conversation of the affair, she destroyed my family and 1 year after the affair she still makes fake social media accounts to torment me.

The DR Army: Anyone know this girl .. TAYLOR GONZALES from NJ .. Ridgefield.. always at Pier 115 or the palm steakhouse, legends in Ridgefield after hours… and a bunch of bars in that area also HOBOKEN . Anyone else think that she is dating them ?? She acts faithful but At the same time […]

The DR Army: Becca Pera. Pitman NJ. Knowingly went after her married boss who also has a five(!!) year old child. Told him she set her eyes on him in her first interview. Sat and chatted with his wife several times at parties etc. probably laughing on the inside. Thought he would leave wife for […]

The DR Army: Hide your man .. and everything that follows 2 kids, was engaged until her x fiancé left her because of the chaos she spews on women’s lives Literally, Gina. Every woman’s worst nightmare All over the tri-state in NJ

The DR Army: Big Homewrecker and the biggest nightmare any woman can have .. literally Gina, All over the tri state in Jersey

The DR Army: This wretched gypsy witch has caused a lot of havoc upon many people, firstly, she is not new defrauding her place of work, ex-husbands and property and liability insurance. A serial malingerer, faker, liar, professional victim that uses restraining orders to make a person look bad just so she can benefit and […]

The DR Army: ex friend who joined a women’s support group page commenting under a post to drag my ex with my name in her mouth, after knowing how he was with women. Screenshots were years ago- she knew he was abusive and would pretend to be a woman’s woman. Recently slid in my ex’s […]

The DR Army: Emily Henry Fords/ Woodbridge Nj Chronic Homewrecker and has done it presumably since highschool Loves taking half naked pics to post on ig for free to grab your man’s atn Won’t leave taken and married men alone Certified Pick Me Will send voice notes and dms to your man

The DR Army: Emily Henry Woodbridge/ Fords, Nj Homewrecker in full force Bartender/ Poker “Mistress” Evil Manipulative Disrespectful The worst kind of “Pick-Me” Copy Cat Hates pretty women with boyfriends that aren’t hers Every woman’s worst nightmare Even worse on socials Wish she would just make an OF account so we can pay her instead […]

The DR Army:  We can write a bible about this girl the things she does & behave. I was intimate with her for about a month. Jocelyn is pleasant when 1st met she puts on a act wearing glasses + sweet girl + innocent but far from it + acts totally shy but far far […]

The DR Army: Tyler Wisniewski is a toxic man-baby who plays video games on Twitch under the name Perfect__OP. He became super obese after high school from becoming addicted to video games. He has pills that he purchased off the internet that he uses to drug and rape unsuspecting women. He literally brags about this […]

THE DR ARMY: Talk about some news to skeeve you out! I’m seeing a trending story from New Jersey this AM about a man named Abraham Parnes who decided to reportedly jerk off in a NJ movie theater during a showing of The Emoji Movie. The picture (above) has surfaced everywhere after he ended up turning himself into […]

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