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The DR Army: Paola Sanchez is threatening to expose the posters Mike: Isn’t she being sued or something? And threatening to expose people in her own group is just unacceptable.

The DR Army: Okay, almost had a date with this girl. She says that she can’t drive her car on a highway because she gets panic attacks. She prefers men to always pick her up all the time… When I said I wasn’t interested she got really toxic so beware. She’s on every site. I’m […]

The DR Army: This woman is a homewrecker Michelle from Greece New York slept unprotected sex two days ago. Bf had location on. I got her location and texted her she was like come get your car then mocking me. Then got quiet when I said I would contact her husband Charlie Munnings

The DR Army: Deanna, she’s married with 3 kids, a stay at home mom. Lied about being in the military. Stay far away from her she’s nothing but bad news She also said her brother was dead he’s not, said her baby daddy was in jail, he’s not. Shall I keep going?

The DR Army: Dated Jim for 4 years. Things were great until they weren’t when I caught wind of the following webs of lies: 1) his legal issues 2) his living situation 3) his divorce proceedings (or lack thereof) 4) his level of commitment

The DR Army: Mike, looks at the rules that Paola Sanchez made: Hey everyone, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to not screenshot or share anything you see in here.Lately we’ve had to ban a lot of women for sending screenshots of the things posted here to the guys that were […]

The DR Army: Paola Sanchez new profile photo. Has anyone actually seen this woman out in public ever since she created the gossip facebook groups? Mike: Maybe she pretends to be a man when he goes out.

The DR Army: We’ve been dating for a few months,any word on her?. Update Amber Carroll originally from Grand Island New York currently living in the City of Lockport a well-known prostitute from the age of 17 used to be on escort sites beware has a history of going through men using them for money […]

The DR Army: So the girl is Jessie Abrams. She basically is ruining my life. Stay away at all costs if possible, although now she’s fucking my now ex-friend.

The DR Army: Make up your own mind about this one but don’t say you weren’t warned. Full on narcissist (her own father and sibling as well as cousins words) that will burn you every chance she gets. Has a serious issue with lies and not being able to leave ex’s alone. If you don’t […]

The DR Army: Just a heads up guys, this is Katrina Nigro, formerly Katrina Gerace. Her ex-husband was Peter Gerace formerly from Pharaoh’s gentlemen’s club and currently sitting in jail waiting trial for murder, drug and sex trafficking, and bribing a federal agent. She’s currently on probation for vehicular assault for driving drunk and running […]

The DR Army: She is a homewrecker! Destroying a 20+ year marriage (25+ years together) and family. Was confronted and had the nerve to cry and say she was missing something from her life. Yeah they are called morals. Worse part is she knew his wife and kids and has a boyfriend she lives with. […]

The DR Army: this women is seriously crazy. Honewrecker. Brittany from Albany area. Beware

The DR Army: Any information on this girl as far is dating her Name is kathryn. Update apparently she spent time in the psychiatric ward at one point has a history of going through men, delusional thinks people are talking about her or following her or after her I’m going to label this one as […]

The DR Army: This woman lied about her ex-husband in a post in AWDTSG and killed him two days later. She’s in jail! I guess she didn’t exactly get the right “support” she really needed. I haven’t read the comments but who knows maybe they egged her to do something violent. I have seen that […]

The DR Army: Heres a good one for you, a real mob boss! This homewrecker with the worst speech impediment you ever heard, will drive you up a wall. When shes not being a Karen and complaining about everything under the sun, shes either found in the backseat of random bars,(2 so far) -or harassing […]

The DR Army: Be very careful if you come in contact with her. She is an floozy from the age of at least 17. She has done gang bangs in Italy and was banging a man for 5000 euro a month plus an extra 1000 euro each visit… She has used to tactic to wire […]

The DR Army: Janel Weaver lives in Boonville NY. Works as a barmaid at The American Hotel. She gets off on sleeping with married men. She prefers men her father’s age because she has daddy issues. She will destroy families and blame it on everyone else. She plays the victim so well in a situation […]

The DR Army: This blonde bimbo gets off on destroying families. In the last 12 months alone she has slept with at least three married men. She gets off on it. Keep your man as far away from her as possible. She’s manipulative. Not to mention the fact that she’s cheated on her boyfriend more […]

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