The DR Army: He’s a piece of garbage. Was in a monogamous relationship with my best friend until this morning when she got a message from a woman he met and was sleeping with from bumble. The other woman was so kind about it. She came with receipts. Even caught red handed he lied and […]

The DR Army: Worst separation abuse I ever experienced.Claimed he has multiple personalities near the end there, which I might believe- but he is definitely a narcissist.He’s been on multiple dating sites since he’s been “proving himself worthy to make me his wife”.His “ex wife” tried to warn me- but she’s an addict which he […]

The DR Army: If anyone ever wanted to know what goes on in these disgusting chats in these offshoot FB groups, maybe this will give you an idea. Posting someone that she’s no longer with and just telling them to drain his bank account… Okay, let’s think about this.. by telling women to drain his […]

The DR Army: First name is William. Dayton area…. He was cheating through Facebook dating. We have been dating for over a year, with a short break last summer. In the beginning, he uses good military experience to gain trust, and throws his salary and current job title out as bait to lure in women. […]

The DR Army: Only wants married men. Akron area but ventures out to Florida and other states. Meet ms. Bernadette (Bernie)

The DR Army: Lindsay … much fatter in person, and completely unhinged. North East Ohio Mike: Can’t trust any pics these days

The DR Army: Lisa Hughes is a striper at den on 200 cleveland all you need is a rool of quarters. Ex wife that fucked the neighborhood. Gold digger, has a problem putting her hands on people. Raging drunk need to leave her sugar daddy alone

The DR Army: Heather, This is the true Homie hopper of Lake county! And she’s the best damn liar I ever seen. Had me convinced she was a good girl.. then I find out she fucked four of my friends! Claims to fuck none of us!! married to some junkie that’s always locked up so […]

The DR Army: Meredith from Ohio (36 years old). Lives south of Logan Square. Public school teacher. Cried on our first date for no apparent reason, then randomly broke things off after what felt like a great 2nd date. Should’ve walked when she said her longest relationship has only been 4 months which ended last […]

The DR Army: CHEATER He is cheating on his children mother. He told me they broke up, even had his own place to sell the point they were broken up. We have been messing around for years. The day after he left the other day he tells me he is back with her, he even […]

The DR Army: This is my husband and I have a feeling but absolutely no proof that he may be cheating. He gets off at 6, but stays at his buddies body shop until 10 o’clock at night. The thing is when we were dating that’s what he would have me do is meet him […]

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