The DR Army: DK from Purcell…walking RED flag!! Is still in love with his ex… will text her the whole time he is hanging out with you, telling her he loves her and wants to get back with her, while telling you he see a future with you..

The DR Army: Warning if you live in or around Stephens, Grady or Comanche County this home wrecking whòre will not hesitate to slide in your husband’s dms. She will send naked photos of her nasty ass to anyone willing to give her attention. Nikke is a meth addict and alcoholic with numerous stds.

The DR Army: Located in OKC Oklahoma. This guy has cheated over and over. He has 5 kids and he stays at random hotels with his assistant while his wife is at home looking after his kids.

The DR Army: This man right here is a pure Narcissist and he stays in Tulsa Oklahoma. But he not from Oklahoma. He from Florida, Milwaukee, and New York . I was in a relationship with this man for almost 4 years and things began to change Dec of last year when are lease was […]

The DR Army: Lilly Donald came at my under age child showing nude videos then tried to get money from him for blackmail. Came at me with a fake photo trying to get money from me as well. Police were called and they said to file complaint with fbi so watch for this one says […]

The DR Army: Danielle from Tulsa is on every dating site known to men Mike: Looks like 18 years of child support payments

The DR Army: This man is cheating on his wife and has been for a few years with several different women. I don’t have the heart to tell her. I don’t want to be the bad guy. So I’m stuck on what to do. His name is Denton from Oklahoma City. I have proof of […]

The DR Army: This is Stephanie Marshall and she is a homewrecker in Oklahoma City! She likes to hook up with married and taken co workers. She has 5 known ones under her belt just from her current employer. She knows they are all in relationships/marriages and pursues them. She has low self esteem and […]

The DR Army: Came over last Saturday and did the dirty. Came over again tonight and went 10 toes to 10 toes. Then 2 mins later caught her messaging the other guy she’s been sleeping with (lying to me about), told me all kinds of lies about him and come to find out she’s also […]

The DR Army: 40 from Tulsa Don’t let this one have access to your bank info or social security number, she will ruin you. And has everything handed to her by her dad,state benefits , or my child support.

The DR Army: Beware of this chick. She loves men in relationships or married her name is Samantha Tovar from Clinton, Oklahoma. Yes she knows they are in relationships and or married, she doesn’t care. I blocked her kid out of the picture

The DR Army: Mentally unstable is an understatement Extremely compulsive, lies about everything!! Pretends she has a great paying job, but her mom pays every single one of her bills, including her rent and car payment. Very unhinged/unpredictable both physically, and mentally. Does very well at playing the victim/ pretending she’s a good person, even […]

The DR Army: Goes by Jen. This one is nuts. Going through a divorce with a rich ex. Pretty sure she teaches fitness classes in OKC and/or Tulsa area. Major gold digger. Great body but a terrible lay. If you want to hook up with this one, it’ll cost you, and it ain’t worth the […]

The DR Army: This girls personality changes with which wig she’s wearing. Great lay, terrible soul. With her for 6 months just to find out she was using me the entire time and talking to other dudes behind my back. Hannah LaRae Wagnon! Hit her up for a good time, but leave her to the […]

The DR Army: Feel like this needs to be put back out there since she says I’m “trying to ruin her life”. No girl, just letting people see the REAL you. The homewrecker. Shana Nicole Harper Gray in OKC. Knew he was married and still pursued him. The homewrecker. Shana Nicole Harper Gray in OKC. […]

The DR Army: Meets married men in public & searches them out on social media to offer up a casual sexual experience. She’s married to a man 20 years her senior who bought her on a Filipino mail order bride site. Her husband said that she tells their marriage counselor that if she is happy […]

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