The DR Army: Kaylee likes to tear up relationships, comes from the Netherlands all the way to Canada ON and meets up with a guy who had a girlfriend. She is batshit crazy and once she is obsessed with you, you won’t get rid of her and her crazy drama. It will consume you emotionally! […]

The DR Army: Cheating hoe Addi Kenwell – PSA people in the Barrie, ON Canada area. If you ever wanted to throw it to her (Addi Kenwell aka Addijade) now is your opportunity her legs are wide-open and she knows how to give a sloppy bj. I just caught her cheating on me. Makes me […]

The DR Army: This little vixen Chloe Gault has been fucking her Daddy for years all behind her mom’s back. Turns her on so much to fuck her Daddy she always had Daddy issues now fucking her actual Dad it just makes her sopping wet to point entire pants and her bed is drenched in […]

The DR Army: This whore fucks everybody and I mean everybody. She loves sex and loves getting fucked by grown men. She had sex with her Dad and step Dad. Has a serious Daddy fetish. Hey there ya freak did your Daddy or Step Daddy get ya soaked. Your going to hell whore you loved […]

The DR Army: Crackhead ..scamer …lying ..diched her kids, As u can see the pipe is clearly in her hand and she ripped off her X HUSBAND AND HER LAST BOYFRIEND ,STINKY PUSS EDCORT…DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TP SUCK DICK Ripped off the X Husband Darren wallace ,took all his money then did the same […]

The DR Army: Ladies and gents please beware of this trashy ass little man child.He is not safe to have children around; he will always have some sort of drugs on him whether it’s to sell or useHe claims he’s been alcohol and hard drug free for a few years how but as someone who […]

The DR Army: She’s a crackhead whore that sucked dick for a living to pay the bills left her husband in 2017 std stay away from her guys over to her house when her husband‘s at work. Very abusive Edited:  Jennifer, Marion sim crackhead whore, who abandoned her husband and child. STD infected sore. Abusive […]

The DR Army: This orphan is a wet hole with ton of dirties. She will sleep with anything that walks and gives her an attention. She likes old men and humans that breath. Don’t mind her five-head….Shits longer than the 401. Laughs like a Volkswagen beetle engine is on its last leg. Wears baggy clothes […]

The DR Army: Meagan Harrison is known to Hamilton as a coke slut. She screws anything that will give her coke. She spreads herpes all around the town and even her youngest child contracted herpes during childbirth fron her dirty vagina. Poor kid. This woman is know to frequent dive bars in search of her […]

The DR Army: In a recent controversy, Melissa Lantsman, a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party, sparked outrage by wrongly labeling a protestor’s smoke canister as a “pretend suicide vest,” a statement that perpetuates harmful stereotypes and incites prejudice. This rhetoric is deeply concerning, especially considering Lantsman’s own experience living with Crohn’s disease, suggesting […]

The DR Army: Enjoy fish well this back door whore is just want you are seeking,Crack meth, you name it, sex for money you got it,Thinks her shot doesn’t stink easy moneyKnown as banner dro on fb you looking for good time she will give you it hope you don’t like the after smell

The DR Army: This bitch slanders and bashes everyone that she does not like because she’s obsessed with people and she is a narcissistic person and she’s a piece of shit. She’s a welfare case she’s a horrible mother. She can’t even take care of her kids. She doesn’t even have her kids taboo. She’s […]

The DR Army: Red flag for me. Led me on, had sex with me and then ghosted. I preach honesty and i’d rather someone tell me the truth than be a coward. if you’re into coward boys, this ones for you! The red flag is that he could stick his dick in me but not […]

The DR Army: Natasha Kincaid 4 kids with 2 different men, tried to ruin my life with lies and false accusations of some serious crimes. This is why some men are not in their kids lives due to women like this that have tried time after time to assassinate your character as a man and […]

The DR Army: This guy is not single he still fucks me and I’m currently 6 months pregnant with his baby no matter what that man always crawls back into my bed so never think your the only one becuase your not he lies to his friends and says he’s not with me but yet […]

The DR Army: Kyra Horning from Port Colborne, she is married with kids, but instead of taking care of kids, she goes on every dating app constantly look out for every victim she can find. She is a liar and very manipulative. Red flag all around, beware boys

The DR Army: This bitch is an in closet tranny she tries so hard to be a woman but really wants to be a man she accuses you of stealing money and hurting animals but really it’s actually her doing it and there multiple videos of proof of her being a thief She touches children […]

The DR Army: No, I’ve not dated him, I used to work with him, He and his buddy finished my basement. However, the whole time they were high. They unplugged my deep freezer and forgot to plug it back in… all the meat spoiled. Mike: LOL wtf

The DR Army: This b*tch likes to spread herpies knowing she has it and likes spitting at kids while she’s in an outbreak her and her boyfriend both touched her mans kid inappropriately while under drug influence Cas was notified as the dad (Steven beckstead) is known to mole*t young children Rayven and her mother […]

The DR Army: The biggest red flag is grown men who date teenagers. Enough said, stay away from this guy.

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