The DR Army: Would you meet him? This man enjoys knocking up women and forcing them to abort it. He’ll fuck you and leave you. I know for fact he is now hooking up with men!! I wasn’t good enough so he someone who was. Apparently dick tastes better. He’s nothing but a man child. […]

The DR Army: -rapist -beats woman -coke dealer-also likes to make sexual jokes about under age girls (14 and under) -kills small animalslet me elaborate if you do not obey this man, he will either emotionally manipulative you, see the photo above or he will outright physically hurt you until you’re unconscious. Acts like a […]

The DR Army: She’s lies and will use men works On Preston street Her family owns a business there that’s where she finds all the men be aware herpes she was with my Husband now we’re not together due to the herpes Mike: You have or she has?

The DR Army: Natalia Lucifero from Ottawa and Montreal. Walking red flag, stay clear fellas

The DR Army: Mike, this cheating b**** uses anyone she can get her hands on! She cheated on her boyfriend of 4 years with his best friend! She will sleep with anyone she can! She’s a dirty floozy! She plays victim so everyone feels bad about her and gives her attention! Stand clear of her […]

The DR Army: So this chic must have been born in cringe town. She gets jealous of other women and makes up lies about them just to feel superior. She looks like a penguin that weighs as much as a polar bear. So basically shes a fat butter face. Shes has floozy around with every […]

The DR Army: This chic is a floozy. Bails on her child. Pregnant again. Smokes crack. Brestfed while she was doing pepsi. Fetanyl. Speed. Always has five guys on the go. Gsve me herpes. Vagina smells. Woll tell u she loves u everyday just to get cash for her two bottle a day alcohol addiction. […]

The DR Army: This girl is a FAKE individual. She goes around PREACHING she lives this innocent, wholesome and honest life with her dog when in reality she snorts pepsi and hydros in front of her poor dog all day long and exposes him to her “IN-CALLS”. She acts like a compassionate and caring soul […]

THE DR ARMY: She will only invite you over if you have something to offer(Drugs, alcohol), doesnt shower nearly enough, has some bad pu55y stink and beats her own head in when she doesnt get her way. She is manipulative and an all around awful person. Hangs around with the most druggy people you can think […]

THE DR ARMY: This girl is fuked in the head she uses and abuses men says she love them to get money out of them and then goes behind those backs and fucks everyone on the Overbrook area getting drds she have hep c and her pu55y has wired color an stench coming from it she’s […]

THE DR ARMY: This is Nadia Dossa she works for Health Canada as a senior advisor. She frequents Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Regina and Vancouver for work. She also is positive for drd and drd and thinks she doesn’t have to tell men who sleep with her. She going around Canada having unprotected sex on purpose while knowing she […]

THE DR ARMY: Nick let me tell you something about this girl she is the biggest h0e in Ottawa she goes after married man and she goes after ex’s and she also as a daughter as a mental illness and she does heavy drugs in front of her 13 years old daughter and lets her swear […]

THE DR ARMY: Let me tell you about this guy he is a player and a cheater he played his wife with lots of female and tell all the girls lies about his wife to feel sorry and he like to lie a lot and every woman falls for it be careful to all woman’s out […]

THE DR ARMY: Ladies beware! He is definitely a smooth talker and will say anything to get into your pants. Maybe he’ll only sleep with you once, maybe not, but just know he has a massive list of women he is talking to on a regular basis. Text messages, Facebook, Instagram, tinder, sex websites. He has […]

THE DR ARMY: Shes fuking a new dude every week. She cheated on the father of her kids and exposes her kids to strange men regularly. CPS calls have been made. Watch your man around this ugly, used up slore ladies she likes going for taken men. Trash floozy.

THE DR ARMY: Ok i got a good one for you. This is Lesley ackland . This girl was disowned by her family at a young age because all she wanted was sex and drugs. Only place for her was a group home so thats where she went until she rebelled and got kicked out of […]

THE DR ARMY: IG Photoshop queen She posts photos of how natural she is without makeup. Not mentioning how she has morphed her face with lip injections, nose injections, cheek injections false eyelashes, hair extensions. She’s barely recognizable from what she used to look like. She claims she’s an empath and yet cyber bullies this girl […]

THE DR ARMY: She will become//she’ll want to become good friends with you, get to know everything about you then stab you in the back and lie about everything. she opens her legs for every guys she meets, and she’s 13 and fuked about 12 guys, she smokes more pot then a dealer!! she Fuken nasty!! […]

THE DR ARMY: Was on set with her once (as actor). She is very jealous of others and takes it out on everyone. She thinks she is the best and has hurt a lot of good people along the way. Its very sad when parents allow their kids to grow up this way. She would make […]

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