The DR Army: She looks mad in the pic because that this is the moment my friend busted her husband with her best friend having an affair. Mike: Caught? Aint no way

The DR Army: Kira from Arizona is a homewrecker. She cheated on her husband to have a full blown affair with my partner and yes she knew about me, she just didn’t care about her husband or me. She doesn’t know who the baby’s daddy is and instead of aborting she kept it to try […]

The DR Army: This woman and use that term lightly is a narcissistic pathological liar. Despite looking like a Tranny gone wrong that is an actual woman. She can’t accept that her baby daddy has moved on despite them being split up for years. She claims she has moved on as well but continues to […]

The DR Army: She’s a home wrecker she slept with my friends boyfriend and continues to contact him she claims she is self employed but she has no car nothing she is fake. She needs to stay in her own lane

The DR Army: Alexis Avila 24 yo Phx AZ. Gave me Hpv and syphillis . Is unfaithful and dishonest

The DR Army: How does someone promote their family member that beat another family member to death with a hammer so someone could potentially get killed by her again? Jesus christ Peoria Arizona

The DR Army: Home-wrecker in Globe AZ. Went after someone who was in a depressed state and married. Continued the chase even after they went home to the wife. Then started to harassing the wife and made claims of being pregnant to get the man to leave his family and took him for granted. Played […]

The DR Army: I was at Hi-liter last week and met this cute girl at the club… she told me she did porn and I didn’t believe her at all I blew it off grabbed a dance from my normal girl … well when I went home and googled “Anna Bailey Porn” I was definitely […]

The DR Army: My husband tore his ACL and had to go to physical therapy where he met this woman. We were already having a rough patch in our marriage since we’ve had our first born, who is now 2. He met up with her while we were still together, and I caught them talking […]

The DR Army: I honestly don’t know where to begin when it comes to my former friend and someone I hung out with. I’ve been knowing Jaszmin ever since I was doing music and allowed her to do some makeup work for me for a photo as well as.one of my shows. And let me […]

THE DR ARMY: WARNING: stay away from this drds invested, balding smeagol looking pepsi slore. Smeagol will sleep with anyone that will give her a pepsi. That’s probably why her vagina is trying to runaway from her. Call her Arby’s cause she has the meats…

THE DR ARMY: Jaered Werre is a thief, liar, and a con.. He is a local slore who doesn’t mind spreading drds that are fatal. He doesn’t disclose his status to anyone and enjoys passing it on and giving it to people, he gets off on it, He is an floozy/ and gets guys to hire him […]

THE DR ARMY: OK so this goes back to literally 2006 when this skank was sleeping with FIVE DUDES raw dogging in and ended up getting pregnant and didn’t know whose it was. It ended up being this guys who she claimed was a “loser” and a “drug addict” but in reality she was running over […]

THE DR ARMY:  This man beats women and says it isn’t abuse because he didn’t punch them, just slaps, strangles, shoves, and breaks their bones. He plays the victim and says he is the one abused. He has no job and expects every girl he’s with to pay. If the girl doesn’t pay or put out, […]

THE DR ARMY: Eddie will move in to your home, and beat your animals while you’re gone. Broke a cats leg causing it to be amputated and then proceeded to abuse a kitten giving it gashes and possible burns in its face.

THE DR ARMY: This guy has been going back and forth between two girls since 2011 and has had kids with them both but not in order (total of 5 kids that we know of and the youngest was born this month)! I somehow got caught up in the mix… there are many more girls. He […]

THE DR ARMY: Breanna champagne Galindo lives in Glendale Arizona. This b1tch is known for stealing other women’s taken men, even if the woman is pregnant with his child she still will steal your man. She has 3 baby daddies and currently working on her 4th. She can’t even care for her own kids that they get […]

THE DR ARMY: This loser is the worst piece of sh1t on the planet. He is a skanky roided out little b1tch that abuses women and emotionally manipulates them until he gets her money. His stanky d1ck wont get hard unless ge is watching gay porn and he pretends to be so sweet and Christian..he is […]

THE DR ARMY: He is a piece of sh1t that will charm his way into your life and drain you of everything you have be it money or valuables that he clucks off for his drug habit. He will mentally mind fuck you while cheating with both men and women and if you confront him with […]

THE DR ARMY:I was on the bell road bus in north west Phoenix/Glendale heading to Arrowhead mall to chill with my friends. I had no backup. I was just minding my own business with my headphones in. We are sitting in the very back row of seats in the bus he’s to the left I’m […]

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