Prince George

The DR Army: Hannibal Hailee causes physical harm. I figured I would make my own post since I’m starting to get quite a few messages asking about what happened.I obviously should have taken my own precautions with who I spend time with (!!) I’ve been giving someone the benefit of the doubt for too many […]

The DR Army: Does anybody know Venessa Nicole Wiebe. Has she ruined anybodys lives before by not allowing you to see family, friends? Mike: Not allowed? What?

The DR Army: …. this dude is damaged…. like beyond normal.. meets someone once and tells them they can’t have male friends and he wants to make babies… and who he’s talking to should delete everything and everyone… but he’s going to keep all his shit. Controlling. Talks down to you like he is superior […]

The DR Army: If you want someone to suck your d1ck for a line, she’s your girl. Otherwise she is a huge red flag Mike: Deflation is a good sign for the economy

The DR Army: Brandon McMastr from Prince George, he is a narcissistic cheater, date multiple women at once, active on dating apps looking for the next victim. Run!

The DR Army: Talked to her 2 times separately before first relationship & after split red flag tells all things she wants to do sounds fun, never met & first time talked got back with her ex & flaked then next time tried didn’t go anywhere. Ironically same photo using as 2019 haha but definitely […]

The DR Army: Big time heads up boys on this girl who recently it has been discovered that she is on every girl site bashing men everywhere in this Province!! Tiffany Ward is a real person who will jump on any guy that is being kicked while he is down!! This site is for safety […]

The DR Army: Mike, this karen does nothing all day beside commenting on the girl’s group. She has a bad rep in medicine hat carrying drds and now she moved to Prince George to do nothing but to judge men online. SLOOOOOTT Mike: Is the butterfly part of the tattoo or filter?

The DR Army: hey mike, this is the gossip on Laura, a foozy from pg. She plays such a goodie too, when this b1tch is a dirtyh0e herself. She would go behind her man to see her exes while her man does the same, what a couple. Not only shes a homewrecker, she also loves […]

The DR Army: Mike, Mikayla Macdonald is the nastiest slut in PG, she will never stop spreading her legs and jumping from man to man she doesn’t care if they are taken or not she has 4 kids already and another on the way all different dads she’s a big drug user and I’m surprised […]

The DR Army: Alright fellas this is Asia Olson from FSJ, to start off she’s a welders helper so you can already see where this is going, active HSV1/2, closet heroine/fetanyl addict, absolutly covered in injection/track marks, fucks anything and everything that gives her attention, lives in her dad’s basement. And been informed she’s also […]

The DR Army: She’s a terrible example for her children to grow up with. She’s still living with one baby daddy claiming he’s an ex to sleep with all the married men on the reserve, not just the married ones, anything that’ll give her some attention. As soon as the baby daddy leaves, another man […]

The DR Army: This Lil dope feind is quite a scandal. She free loads anywhere she can & she will steal your sh1t and sell it for dope, suck/f*ck any c0ck she can to help her get unsick from herion or high on more meth. She will sleep with your boyfriend/husband/babydaddy. And when you call […]

The DR Army: Stay away from Tamara in the pink. She’s falsely accused many men. She’s married now with two kids but if you see her avoid. Feel sorry for anybody who’s had kids with her. Do not catch her on any rebound if you see her divorced in the streets. Once a hoe always […]

The DR Army: Be very careful of this woman her name is Amanda contois sh says she wants a relationship but she is a cheater she like to hit up your best friends and spread lies she is also reacently widowed be very careful she is a walking

The DR Army: Hey guys, this is Page_delacey (Snapchat) whose a gold digger looking to fund her 3 mistakes along with poor life choices. Do t believe a word she says. The pic posted is from her FB dating profile

THE DR ARMY: This girl right here will fck anything that moves. She’s jumped from man to man after her baby daddy left her for being too controlling. She does nothing for her kid, and only wants to go out drinking. She says she’s innocent when she’s truly not. Drives super unsafe, and finds it hilarious […]

THE DR ARMY: This chick is a piece of work! She will lie and use guys to get what she wants so she doesn’t have to work. She can’t keep a job cause all she was to go is drugs. She was engaged once but cheated on him she cheats on all the guys she’s with. […]

THE DR ARMY: Marie is the most back stabbing person you will ever meet and she cheats on every boyfriend that comes into her life. You try and tell the boyfriend but they end up believing her anyway

THE DR ARMY: So this is Hailey Delaney, she is a professional at playing the victim. And to boot she uses men to carry her lazy good for nothing ass. She thrives on older men to take advantage of them use them to get her dope. She loves to be a dope simple side user. And […]

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