Red Deer

The DR Army: Her name is Courtney Adrian. She is engaged to a really wealthy business owner.She’s been having relations with me. I wasn’t caged. We broke up because of Courtney and we’ve seeing each other. My wife/x. Found out.I’m alone.Courtney still hasn’t told the guy she’s with.I believe his name is Chad.Repost this and […]

The DR Army: Angie Paquette Krausse……This chicks all bad,….ruined on of my good buddys life over 4 years….was cheating w a ton of dating site pickups….had him jailed at least 3 times on false charges plotted constanly behind his back..while running around Alberta saying she’s single and bangin random guys she catfished….biggest bullshit artist anyone […]

The DR Army: Watch out for this chick, mikayla has a husband that she often spends time with also seeing at least three other guys, bashes her husband to all of these guys as apparently the husband and her are separated, leading guys on only to see what she can get out of them total […]

The DR Army: Anyone who is impersonating me can stop and fuck off you obviously know me as you have details not everyone knows so message me and we can figure this shit out but stop blaring me and making me look like shit about situations I dropped months ago

The DR Army: shame on people for writing about other peoples mental health problems!! Anyways, this girl is not a whore. She is not a cum dumpster. She is probably one of the sweetest souls I know. So people can say whatever the hell they want too about her. If people can voice their negative […]

The DR Army: Erik your so ballsy for someone who runs away when their ex girlfriend’s older brother comes to beat him for sexually assaulting his little sister and abusing her. You wanna air everyone’s dirty laundry? Here’s yours. And here’s the facts. You abused your ex girlfriend for well over a year, all her […]

The DR Army: Cole cheats on his girlfriend reese all the time when reese is up in red deer cole brings 14 yr old minors to his house and sexually assaults them, as cole got charged for sexual assault on a minor, Cole Abuse reese all the time And she will be convered in bruises […]

The DR Army: She is the fattest whale I have ever seen, she could literally kill you with one of her sloppy droopy fat tits. She’s so fat you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. She is such a whore for every guy, she’s fucked every one of her friends boyfriends and even her sisters. […]

The DR Army: This is Krista osgood everyone medicines hat most known meth mom. She’s mom to Sydney osgood and Reese osgood and we all know how gross and stupid those girls are. So it’s no surprise their mom is just as bad. She failed raising them because they’re both disappointments and won’t do anything […]

The DR Army: This is Reese osgood. Her favourite thing to do is cheat on her boyfriend and abuse him. she cheats on him while she’s in red deer all the time, and he cheats on her. She acts so skinny in her photos but if you see her in real life you’ll understand why […]

The DR Army: Watch out for Nicole. I went down this road awhile ago she is a binge drinking rageaholic. She will literally hide mickies of vodka in her purse and slam them when nobody is looking, you think she’s had two glasses of wine and then BAM she’s blacked out and violent, then she […]

THE DR ARMY:  So this is Jacinthe Pilon (aka jess pie.. aka jacinthe marie) Central Alberta’s local cracked out mom. She’s happy to share her weight loss secrets (doing pepsi daily).. Oh and she will also steal your man.. Haha. Watch your boyfriends and vehicles!! (she steals those too). I feel sorry for her daughter who has to […]

THE DR ARMY: It’s about time I brought Megan Scherger‘s actions into the light this trashy slore with DRD and a brutal drug addiction will sleep with any man who will let her sleep over, little miss homeless thinks shes something but she’s just dating this poser (Dougie) who is sleeping with others while she watches his […]

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