San Diego

The DR Army: Beware of this girl she is another side chick of the husbands. She is a Real Prostitute and works for a Pimp and doesn’t deny she sleeps with married men etc!

The DR Army: Hello I’d like to post my ex Anthony c. San Diego of 2 years and we talked one whole year so that’s 3 years wasted, who was caught living a double life had a gf in Hawaii and he admitted to sleeping with multiple people while we were together when he would […]

The DR Army: Treated her with the utmost respect and weighted on her hand and foot. I dealt with her mood swings, selfishness, outrageous insecurities and accusations just to walk on one day and catch her mounted on top of another man… then she had the nerve to call me crying trying to apologize and […]

The DR Army: Sherry is on Seeking arrangement meeting multiple guys and having unprotected sex. she then take the money she makes get pepsi and spend the next 3 day parting no stop. The worst part is she doesn’t use protection and is doing this behind her boy friends back.

THE DR ARMY: This dance teacher can’t seem to make a living teaching children so in her “off” time this floozy sells herself to old men. I guess she needs the money to pay off her new Mercedes. You can find her on seeking arrangements along with other sites. Her rates are pretty cheap too in […]

THE DR ARMY:  Naseem Elsami: I let this nasty hoe and her greasy husband stay at my house for a few days. Looks like their “family” didn’t even want them their house. These two people are straight-up liars. They left a huge log of crap floating in my toilet bowl and she left a menstrual blood […]

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