The DR Army: Sarnia watch out for this loser she lies steals and will fuck your man or woman to get her fix. She abuses animals and thinks she is entitled to whatever she wants because she cant earn or buy what she needs she will just take from whoever she can. She is a […]

The DR Army: What can’t be said about this tramp she’s a druggie, Prostitute,drug dealer who never showers and sits/walks around in piss soaked clothes. She will act like a victim for you to take her in thinking she actually needs help then when you pass out empty your house and sell all of it […]

The DR Army: With use you for every dollar you have don’t trust this bitch.

The DR Army: Con artist. Evil, rude, and boosting about her thieving success. Takes money from the vulnerable. No shame in the devils eyes. A young mother needed a home, lived outta town because her kids survival rate was poor. The woman had saved a bit of money to rent a place and was hoping […]

The DR Army: Shannon Mcanulty from Sarnia Be careful this girl is a walking nightmare Uses you, screws you right over All while she is screwing another guy behind your back. She hides her drug use and shop lifting problems She talks sh1t about her friends behind there back, and secretly messages there boyfriends Only […]

The DR Army: Unfortunately I just found out that she didn’t leave her husband she’s still with him so she’s cheating on him but I also found out that she has a few other boyfriends on the go to. I had no idea I feel so used. I feel like she just drained my wallet, […]

The DR Army: She gave me a sob story on hiw she needed money. So I sent her $25 to help. She said she would pay me back. A week comes along and she gives me another story and apologized for asking but she needed another $20. For some reason I had a feeling but […]

The DR Army: Do not trust this pos. Was an ex roommate, friend of my wife at the time. She just used the shit out of a buddy of mine and talking to other guys. She uses people until you can’t provide anymore after sucking your finances dry. Trust me this hairy snatched gap toothed […]

THE DR ARMY: Carisa Walsh a terrible role model for her kids to look up to . Still living with one of her multiple baby dads claiming hes an ex so she can sleep with every married man on the reserve. But not just married ones anything that is willing to show her some type of attention […]

THE DR ARMY: This young thug right here thinks she is the beauty of all of faces, minus the amount of work she has got done on her face, that nose isn’t fooling anyone. Always biting her lips in photos with hashtags calling on men. Snapchating nudes to anyone who asks. How’s that only fans going […]

THE DR ARMY:  Stop taking this twin thing to your advantage everyone knows your not your sister? She wouldn’t pull the things you pull on ppl you know, continue trying to get your face and body done, those lips are only Gina get bigger, soon they’ll take over ur whole face, maybe try using tweezers […]

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