The DR Army: Kierra is well known for her lies and heavy hard drug addiction and had gotten her license taken away due to driving under the influence. Don’t let her charm fool you. she loves to make racist remarks towards aboriginal people (ex. I got my ‘cows/plows check & noticed the next day my […]

The DR Army: This person is a no good abuser and user. She will lie through her teeth to get whatever she wants from the man, she screams and yells at her child daily, then attempts to put it on others. Surprise she still has her child. Be aware men out there. She will take […]

The DR Army: Dirty Riley & Rachelle. Riley is a local business owner in Regina Saskatchewan. He loves his hookers and Blow, literally dates hookers. Riley used a Wifi blocker / jammer to sneak into Rachelle husbands house and have a long affair and pass STd’s back and forth. They both a disgusting selfish pigs, […]

The DR Army: Hey everyone. If you dont already know who this is. This is Lexi Gibson from Regina. Lets expose her for who she really is. She got her two kids taken away because of her drug addiction and poor parenting last year. Now that Lexi apparently has them back, she can’t even afford […]

The DR Army: This is Nathan Carroll of Saskatoon Sask. Ladies you need to be aware of this POS scum. Nathan is a scam artist, he is a woman abuser who has at least three victims out there, who have all been beat up and thrown around ,but they all dropped charges due to being […]

The DR Army: Dalisse Skorlatowski, this girl is the definition of street trash. She thinks dating “gangsters” makes her look good when in reality she looks stupid. Its pretty obvious that Dalisse is using hard drugs. She tries to blame her addiction on other people & cant take accountability for her actions. I’m not surprised […]

The DR Army: Lexi Gibson from Regina. She likes to post about kindness and how she’s a “great person” on Facebook. But in reality she is full of shit and everyone knows it. She’s a long term drug user living in a sober living home. She’s a terrible mother. She doesnt have her two children […]

The DR Army: Lexi Gibson. She is from Saskatoon but currently lives in Regina. She likes to post about respect and being “kind” but this girl has a past of bullying other girls online. She’s all talk but no action. She’ll run & hide if you confront her. And get her friends to try and […]

The DR Army: This chick is a lieing stealing cocksucking whore , she’s a con a coke head , sucks for blow , steals you blind

The DR Army: Ricky Forbes (tornado hunter) picked himself a winner, mom of the year Tirzah May, i wonder if her children seen the new photo on Alicia’s photo page? She tried to hide herself and asked alicia to tag her in her even floozier IG account … can’t fool us, knew that was your […]

The DR Army: This skank acts so innocent sweet. And she is a complete sloot. She likes to meet up with stranger’s and get fuked in public parks. She was sleeping with her boss who got fired. And she was sleeping with a guy for 2 years that was paying her $400 a month to […]

The DR Army: Oh Kaelan where do we start… You date men just to slore around in the background (don’t think I don’t see you at the bars while your in a relationship in your skanky clothing) .. This girl is a total home wrecker. She will brag that she is this existing model but […]

The DR Army: Ashley Schurr is a crazy insecure slore who preys upon married men with children. She is after their “money” and when she doesn’t get her way she acts single and goes on Tinder to seek attention from other men. This is a manipulation tactic used by narcissist individuals. She should not be […]

The DR Army: This crooked, mentally sick day care worker sits on her computer and scams people all day while she has children in her care. She neglects every kid in her home, she has even faught with parents when parents bring up why there is bruises on thier kids. She has scammed innocent people […]

The DR Army: Lexi Gibson is nothing but a dead beat mom. She cant even afford to take care of her own son. Yet here she is knocked up again a few months later with another child. Damn Lexi do you not know what Plan B is b1tch. Literally will do anything for $ even if […]

The DR Army: This woman is 20 years old was sleeping around with older men accused someone else of being the father of her child and gets pimped out by her family to get drugs or money from other men home wrecker and liar is one of the worst things can be said about her […]

The DR Army: So, first off. This girl acts humble and like she doesn’t do anything wrong. She goes out and gets blacked all the time, fuks any ratchet she can, and steals their money. Feel bad for her honestly

The DR Army: Fuck. Wake up you bitch. You hear from my bros you come and think your better than us? Lemon may be on top but all that goes down the sink before you put on your fake face and when you sell it. No one can respect you if your arrogantly self centered. […]

The DR Army: Hello everyone! Just wanted to warn everyone about this stupid cunt who thinks it’s okay to fuk people over and try to get away with it. I have quite a few things to say about this self entitled btch. Let’s start off with the basics. – mental health; she lies about having […]

THE DR ARMY: This deadbeat dad harasses his ex and doesn’t help her financially for his kid. Treats her like garbage. He’s a dumb piece of sh1t .

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