The DR Army: Stay clear of Natalia Athan! She is originally from Seattle & uses love as a means to get close to you! She is very pushy on committment and marriage. Claims she has good intentions. The reality is that she wants a big pay out. My friend has prior relations with her. She […]

The DR Army: Misti Barrientos Black Diamond WA. She knew he was in a relationship and still walked right in. Not the first time either! Karma came and got her because he’s going back to prison, he’s a liar and theif LMAO and she can have him there

The DR Army: Kharisma but goes by Niomi. Eastside, Bellevue area. Found out she was talking to a co worker after she left a chat open on her work laptop. Turns out this was going on since a month after we started dating., we were together for about 7 months. She blew up and turned […]

The DR Army: Jibril M. Mohamednur As many of you know, in the past, we uncovered local scammer JB West, aka Jibril Mohamoud Mohamednur, who has an extensive record of petty crimes ranging from car accidents to eluding, credit card fraud, and identity theft. The fraud method works like this: Jibril goes to a local […]

The DR Army: Fake life Fake name Ray in Redmond, WA. Real name is Raimoss B****** From POF dating site. Is from the UK (unless the accent is fake as well). Told me he works at Microsoft & drives a Bimmer X3. I don’t care about a man’s status, car, or income. I expect them […]

The DR Army: Chris, Seattle . Has gf in LA or SF, and multiple girls in Seattle. He lies that he is single or poly, but gf has no idea. Master gaslighter, stay away

The DR Army: Home wrecker Melissa from Moses lake, epratha , wentechee area in Washington State .she lost her husband of 20 years and her boys have disowned her due to her actions. She loves to play the poor me card to get your man’s attention when I saw the messages she sent to my […]

The DR Army: Stefanie Clifton. Olympia, Washington State. Watch your men, she don’t care if he’s taken. She loves younger men, calls herself a “cougar” and is proud of breaking up relationships.

The DR Army: Home-wrecker melissa Sanchez from Washington state . She has a history of cheating on her husband he finally divorced her, after 20 years her kids have disowned her as a result. She’s always making “poor me “ about her sons not wanting to be around When I saw the messages and videos […]

The DR Army: This guys has been posted in other exposed group several times and always gets taken down. Lincoln Kae (real name is David) lives in the Seattle/Tacoma area and has been manipulating and abusing women since he lived in Kansas. He escaped Kansas, changed his name to Lincoln, in hopes to start a […]

The DR Army: Be aware ladies, he presents himself as a victim, educated and charming, nothing but a liar and manipulative, please stay away

The DR Army: Ladies, I need your attention! There’s an individual named Dustin, 37, from Fox Island, Washington, who has a concerning history of multiple long-term relationships with different women. Dustin is a master manipulator who has been known to deceive women with a string of lies. He claims to be a pilot and in […]

THE DR ARMY: This scandalous tramps name is Linda Smallwood.. Look her up on fb. She refuses to get her own man and insists its ok that she can mess with any man. As long as he got a d1ck she will jump on it. She is a slore. She has twin boys that she lost to […]

THE DR ARMY: Hello everyone this girls name is Linda Smallwood. She is a whore. She don’t think twice bout taking someones man. She will jump on the d1ck real quick. This scandalous b1tch knew I was with my man. Ya she already knew him but thats not the point. She gave up her twin boys ran […]

THE DR ARMY: So i met her back in September.we clickec. We got exclusive. What i did not know was while we were. She stooping multiple co-workers. And her ex boyfriend as well as many other on line dates. She hasDRDS1. Might have DRDS…what on results and warts. She will stoop your bf man and go […]

THE DR ARMY: Don Ross still hasn’t been fired from winco foods for looking at little girls even after 10+ years of doing it. This guy won’t stop offering girls 100$ for sex even though it’s really rude! Every weekend he goes out drinking with his friend Jared they do the walk of shame all the […]

THE DR ARMY: I met this girl several years ago off a free dating site (oops). We dated off and on for the next few years while she went to college in Northern Idaho. Pretty much the whole time we dated she was sleeping with a handful of other guys in rotation and never told me […]

THE DR ARMY: Wulp. Im calling myself out. I can honestly say. I can be a total d1ck. Ive pulled some serious doucebaggery. I dont like that about myself. Its not who i am, but i have called people out for what they have done that hurt me badly in many areas. It still does not […]

THE DR ARMY: This is Juliette Feldman. Single mom who likes to cheat on her boyfriends behind their backs and film porn. She cheated on her fiance a bunch of times and loved to hook up with randoms off Craigslist before they shut down the personals section. She’ll take it whenever and wherever she can get it, […]

THE DR ARMY:  If she is inside a you’re store that means she is shop lifting. Fired from 8 strip clubs for fuking guys in the back rooms! She is on her way back to prison! She is a theif and cannot be trusted!

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