The DR Army: Also spells his name Elyas on socials and is from Etobicoke/Vaughan. HUGE scammer, manipulator, and compulsive liar. He’s well known around Toronto for scamming women he meets online with the latest being one he scammed out of $260,000 using an elaborate investment scam! He is aggressive, violent, comes up with crazy elaborate […]

The DR Army:  I feel bad for this girls boyfriend. I’m one of her former friends and this poor guy needs to know this girl was on sugar daddy websites and going on “pay to play” dates. I can confirm this because one of my friends paid her to hang out a few times. This […]

The DR Army: Huge red flag. He chased me hard saying all the right things. I was super into him. Finally slept with him and he stopped messaging almostimmediately and then was dating a 23 year old within 3 days. Went from hot to cold as soon as I slept with him. And lied about […]

The DR Army: Lied about having a vasectomy multiple DV charges, plays the misunderstood victim, dog lover and secretly rich musician card who will write songs about you. Once hes done love bombing and using you he’ll ghost.

The DR Army: Last summer I was talking to Micheal (41? I think). We met up and despite me having a small car accident we had what I thought was a great night. We kept talking into October, planning to get together for a weekend as I live 3 hours away. Hell, we talked about […]

The DR Army: Farshid Ayon, owner of Ayon Design & Build corp is a massive scammer in Toronto! He will fool you into trusting him at first telling you all these creative ways to add value to your home and even using his social skills to make you trust him! This is where everything gets […]

The DR Army: This man is the former owner of a business known as Pak Darbar! Please be cautious when doing business with him as he will try to take advantage or scam you. He markets himself as a pious Muslim but in reality he uses that as a way to make people trust him. […]

The DR Army: This is Brysin and he’s great Mike: LOL maybe he is

The DR Army: Mike, this b1tch Natasha Giuliana is the unpicked in Toronto, she posts an innocent man twice in the girls group because the guy does not want a relationship with her. Even the toxic girls in the group don’t approve her action. She has a hard time getting interest from guys so she […]

The DR Army: Zack Farmer, farmsauce on insta. This dead beat likes to get lit on the weekends and binge. He never has money but claims he works for black and mcdonald. He has 3 kids, he tells his one son how much he hates him. He cheats on his girlfriend while she believes anything […]

The DR Army: His name is Sami Ghaith, also goes by Sam Ghaith. He’s an accountant from Toronto, and also has a property in Florida where he visits several times per year. A friend of mine had a scary experience with this pathetic human, and I decided to share it here to bring awareness to […]

The DR Army: Home wrecking slut…thinks she’s gods gift to men. She infected my man with herpes…dirty slore knows she’s infected, yet frequents sex clubs in Toronto. Will lie behind your back, but be all sweet to your face Mike: Again, why so many names?

The DR Army: Sean preys on good/kind hearted women (young & old, any and every ethnicity) if you’re anywhere between 22-45, you’re the perfect target. He begins the friendship/relationship. He is extremely charming & kind in the beginning. He will start with his sob story about his upbringing and how his parents abandoned him (to […]

The DR Army: Lies about her age and is on various dating sites! Stay clear if you want to avoid catching STI’s this girl isn’t clean and her behavior is very odd!

The DR Army: So my name is Brittany and my friend decided to go on a date with this guy a while back. Apparently they didn’t vibe at all and she kindly told him she wasn’t interested. He persistently kept texting and harassing her for weeks after the date. He doesn’t leave her alone.  he’s […]

The DR Army: Stay very far away! She is an under cover floozy. She will ask to hang out and when she does she will ask you for money after you finish hooking up with her. Her snatch smells like 4 year old rotten tuna! She will try to black mail you and tell you […]

The DR Army: Just warning those clients and potential dating partners. Do not let this floozy fool you! She will sweet talk you if she thinks you’re a person who has money and use her dirty tactics to lure you into her realtor business. When she really wants to close the deal she will flirt […]

The DR Army: I met this girl on seeking arrangements and she’s from Toronto. it was clear that she’s a cheap half price slu working undercover as her main gig is a dental hygienist. She sleeps with old nasty men for money and claims she grew up in a foster home to get pittt from […]

The DR Army: This man will lead you on for months and play all kinds of games. He will set up dates with you and stand you up/not respond only to come back later and gaslight you by claiming he never recieved your text. He will turn it around on you asking why YOU didn’t […]

The DR Army: Watch out ladies. Please run. Been seeing this man for the past month. Prof. Ladies we are just looking out for all of you here. If you do want to post in the comments here if you have had experiences we can all connect. I would like to find the woman that […]

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