The DR Army: Hi DR Army this is Ashley. This nasty girl was sleeping with my boyfriend and father of my child while they worked together at dennys. After doing a little snooping I came across all they’re conversations and found out he was scrambling her eggs and she knew about me.Ladies beware this flirt […]

The DR Army: She’s a home wrecker who helped ruin Christmas. My family member has been cheating on his wife with her and confessed his love for her this morning before opening presents with his wife and 2 kids. Actually leaving to be with that girl and left his wife and kids alone. Meaning his […]

The DR Army: By the time she was 21 she amassed a body count of over her age, mostly older, richer men. She stole my boyfriend, my makeup and jewelry when she stayed over while I was on a work trip, and I heard she crashed (and totaled!) some guys car. I think she may […]

THE DR ARMY: This girl is the nastiest b1tch in tucson. Has her son who she hides from the world to keep her imagine of Tucson’s finest h0e in tact. Her body is as fake as she is and she thinks it looks good but it looks like a botched wannabe Kim K that went wrong […]

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