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The DR Army: Amy 42 wingham … she will chase after Any MAN WHO IS IN A RELATIONSHIP AND sabotage it just so she can have him. Her claim to fame is believing in being “ a freedom “ fighter.

The DR Army: Avoid this narcissistic b1tch like the plague. She’s an ag out’ once she’d cost us over £10,000 in moving costs. She complained to my husband about her ‘boyfriend’ not being able to get it up. Poor her. Shes spent the summer persuading my husband to leave then didn’t want anything to do […]

The DR Army: This is Joselyn Paige Smith. You know the ones that claim to be ‘friends’ with the partner? That’s right ‘friends’. Talking to someone with a newborn baby and family as “friends” only for years later to then sleep with him whilst he has a family at home. He has given up his house […]

The DR Army: Not satisfied with posting lingerie pictures of herself on Instagram as a desperate grab for attention, this skank has taken to privately messaging my partner of almost 17 years. She is a self involved narcissist who will do what she wants without caring who she hurts in the process… Including her own […]

The DR Army: Desperate for any kind of attention, she will take it from anyone who even looks in her direction. Bonus points if they are in a relationship and have kids!! Doesn’t care if she uproots young children’s lives as long as she can get some disappointing sex out of it, it’s all worth […]

The DR Army: Sadia Ali goes by Sardia online because she told me she used to have a major crush on Sadiq Khan and his wife’s name is like hers so she wanted to stand out more. I’m posting because Sadia took my money and changed her number so what was hush hush between us […]

The DR Army: Ellie Blythin, Low life skank with a facade Toxic, antisocial and talentless Ellie Blythin is a low quality skank with serious character issues, on top of her poverty in terms of talent. Any agency signing her are likely douche agencies as well if all they can land is such class. This toxic, […]

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