Vancouver Island

The DR Army: This is Emma Wheeler, Nanaimo’s finest. She does nothing but making posts asking for red flag in the girls group every day. her bf Brandon Huff must like fat stinky second’s if he’s dating this dirt bag! Also post men’s pic online like it was nothing. You deserve to be on DirtyReboot. […]

The Dr Army:  Island people be on the look out for this Nut Job!! She is posted on every guy’s site with warning’s about what she does! Sleeps with drug dealers, steals from her parent’s, had to be removed by police from 1 guy’s house as she was drunk and wouldn’t leave the guy alone! […]

The DR Army: This guy Dylan is threatened to call the police on me if I exposed his disgusting behavior. He’s dangerous, he’s tried black mailing me to get his way, is extremely manipulative and emotionally immature.

The DR Army: Nicole Chamberlain from Saanich B.C is known as the sloot in her lil town she lives in. Always on the hunt for the Pepsi and advertises on Leo List looking for date’s [sugar daddies]. Only dates black men and had an arrest last summer for being pulled over with drugs! This girl […]

The DR Army: Max 28. he has spent the past decade of his life love bombing and then cheating and abusing all of his exs, while putting cheques and cards in their names and racking up a ton of debt. he owes 10k to one girl, he claims that every single one of his exs […]

The DR Army: Megan clark will lie about anything from where she is , too how many boyfriends she has at one time. This methhead/drunk somehow still has a job and will say anything to save her own ass

The DR Army: This nosey single mom from Victoria like to blast guys online, not only she does nothing all day and make up story about guys, she will say someone is a child predator without even knowing the person. She is a c0ke addict and ask everyone around her for money. This b1tch needs […]

The DR Army: I knew him personally, I used to be friends with his sister.. He is definitely a creep! He kept trying to get my best friend to sleep with him while hitting on other chick’s literally at the same time. I never got along with him because I spoke my mind and told […]

The DR Army: My heart is broken yet again. I really thought she was the one but she unmatched me and blocked me on Instagram when I said that I would only giver her cash and not an e transfer. She even sent me a video on Instagram to clarify her identity. I fear that […]

The DR Army: Watch out for this one she will do anything for a hit of crack. Shes a liar manipulator shell tell you what u want to hear until you have nothing left to give her. And when shes done doing that she’ll ruin ur life

The DR Army: His name isn’t matt for starters- he was posted on here exactly one year ago/ I spoke truth about him being my sons dad I left 10 years ago when he was one. Someone screenshotted and showed him. I won’t say details but def red flags and I’m really hoping whoever is […]

The DR Army: Ben brown aka Robert brown. Massive narcissist!! Always plays the victim, lies, cheats, steals and will use you and take everything you have and ruin any reputation you have. He has mental health disorders untreated and is a known closet addict to hard drugs. Loses custody of his kids, tries to win […]

The DR Army: Foxie Ambrose is the biggest sloot in Vancouver Island. she has multiple boyfriends. I know who some of her current ones are right now Mike: First name is the only red flag I see

The DR Army: As of January this year, he still had a GF that he lives with in Vancouver, he was also living with his ex wife at the same time on the island, but he said he’s living rent free on the island and a rich guy is paying for his service for free […]

The DR Army: It was brought to my attention Raymond is out dating again… if you want a narcissistic, lying, cheating, manipulative, lame excuse of a human to move in with you then you’ve found the right guy. Beware.

The DR Army: Valkyrie Castillo Chacon  (Val) just got divorced and she is already shopping around for some simp to take care of her kids. She’s the biggest liar and manipulator in Victoria BC. A walking red flag, runnnn!

The DR Army: So I was talking to him via snapchat, we got into the kink section of the conversation, he made it clear he’s into mommy stuff (not my thing but I don’t judge) well eventually he started asking questions like if my elementary school aged child has seen my toys and other things […]

The DR Army: She regulates the island n vancouver, she isn’t allowed to be around her own kid let alone others she’ll lie about that, and she’ll blame you for anything wrong that happens try be baby trap you, this bitch acts like a tweaker when she gets upset but claims she ain’t on drugs.

The DR Army: Will act interested then ask for 1000$ when you lay her on the bed .. yeah. Just kicked her out.

The DR Army: Sweet Nina blasted the guy she was casually seeing for hookups, she was aware he is in ENM relationship and she have been actively involved with both partners for casual fun, but when they decided to stop she didn’t take it nicely and blasted the guy. It is ok to feel hurt […]

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