The DR Army: Look out gays of Vancouver! This creep John Beaumont invited himself over to visit a nearly 60 year old Chinese man who was gambling and staying at the Parq Casino & Hotel. After John drugged him and had sex, John stole over 15 thousand dollars from the man and then left him […]

The DR Army: Dean Keitsch from Ladner B.C is a 63 year old pedophile who lures young boys and girls into his life so he can abusive them sexually. This man is a criminal and people need to be aware of this dangerous person. He sell’s drug’s to minor’s and recently his Ladner home was […]

The DR Army: Whats up doc! She looks like bugs bunny with her teeth hanging out! Keep an eye out for Kimberley, she claims she is true to her family but spends too much time on Facebook chat sites about men.. She Is a married woman who seeks other married men! She likes to cheat […]

The DR Army: Kim Thomas and I dated briefly in the past, only lasting a couple of months. It became clear that she has a pattern of moving between partners without much loyalty. She seems to have unresolved issues, getting involved with older men due to her ‘daddy issues.’ She lives in a less than […]

The DR Army: Be careful guys. Some woman out there live just to talk about the date she had with you and share with other woman just to feel better about themselves. If you are talking with this one be carefull your probably being posted online she live for this. She think way too highly […]

The DR Army: I was just chatting with this guy.. he asked to take me for dinner and I said ur single right? He said recently I said how recent? And he unmatched me sooo I’m assuming he’s still involved with someone. Mike: I mean, come on lollll

The DR Army: This lil Junkie will try and meet up with older men for money and drugs! Already had 2 abortion’s, stole a dudes credit card and booked a trip to the Phillippines. She’s a nasty lil charmer that people need to be aware of! Mike: This

The DR Army: He texted me from 2 weeks 3 times a day send photos etc. Saying he’s divorced and his ex and kids in Portugal. As I was getting ready for. A date with him pocket dialed. Then I got a call back and it was his girlfriend she told me they been together […]

The DR Army: Caught this one cheating and stupid me gave her a chance and then she did it again …. Who else is talking or seeing her ? Mike: Dirtyreboot411

The DR Army: Meet Stephanie, she’s an absolute cougar that will wine & dine you but prepare for the worst never ending verbal abuse of your life… even when trying to defuse it she still continues on and on, she doesn’t shut the fuck up it’s impossible to even have a conversation with her because […]

The DR Army: Sarah Firus Parlby from Vancouver is more flexible than people think! This dog faced slut is making her round’s all over the city. With a secret drug problem that only her bestie knows about, this wanna be dancer is spreading her leg’s and gossip about men all over the city! Close your […]

The DR Army: This woman Lene martin in hope BC steals pictures of peoples kids and then makes disgusting posts about them. Her own kid was taken because she was abusing the poor boy now she’s doing it to others

The DR Army: Beware all women of BRITISH COLUMBIA especially GRAND FORKS he is nothing but a lier narssisstic piece of shit he pretends to be someone he is NOT he left his family homeless living in a car while i lived the high life he will take you from your friends and family and […]

The DR Army:  Tiffany Collins has a HUGE drug problem and will do anything to fuel it!! I dated her for 6 months and the whole time she stole money from me! Stole my parents Jewelry! This piece of trash needs to get help and grow up! Stay away from this girl. Her last BF […]

The DR Army: Warning if you live in or around Maple Ridge, or Pitt Meadows this home wrecking whòre will not hesitate to slide in your husband’s dms. She will send naked photos of her nasty ass to anyone willing to give her attention. Amber is a meth addict and alcoholic with numerous stds. Known […]

The DR Army: My husband use to work with him and his is creepy as fuck, thinks like a 12 year old virgin. He would constantly ask my husband about his sexual escapades. Stay away ladies.

The DR Army: Montana Skye Buckby is a liar and manipulator from Mission BC. I refused to date this b1tch couple years back, and I just found out she is making up stories about me online. She calls me a pedo and she post my info everywhere in fb groups. She is a junkie herself and […]

The DR Army: I was talking to Alex for just over a month in December. we would text, call, FaceTime almost everyday. Thought it was going well, he’s very charming, made a lot of promises to treat me well, planned all these dates but then never ended up actually initiating making them happen. Seemed like […]

The DR Army: Keegan Early 30s Area North Van/Vancouver. Have been dating for a bit now, keep getting this weird gut feeling about him, it was a bit of a fight to get him to remove tinder from his phone and I just want to make sure he’s off all the dating apps like he […]

The DR Army: This guy dated my friend for a very short time and was posted on here because of the situation. This man is delusional and hopes to get back with his ex or at least one of them. He texts exactly the same photos to other women and his ex but the messages […]

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