The DR Army: Jaden Shaw is abusive, manipulative and a cheater. He’s currently cheating on his girlfriend and constantly bashes her to everyone. He’s abused all of his exes. He will manipulate you to think he loves you when he doesn’t. Jaden Shaw, Windsor. Abused all his exes. Cheats on everyone. Currently cheating on the […]

The DR Army: Daniel Lazarus of Windsor.A man child who is the definition of financially, emotionally and sexually abusive.Has a history of using females for money, has no desire or plans to ever get or keep a job, he’s been “going back to school” for over 4 years now and has yet to even attend […]

The DR Army: Vicki Shaw .. what can we say? Everyone in Windsor Essex county has probably had intercourse with her .. She will talk to anyone and fuck anyone while even in a relationship with someone!!! She will send people’s husband’s nudes… She will ask to hook up… Knowing they are married .. I […]

The DR Army: He will most likely use older pictures but here goes I dated him 2 years hes broke no id and refuses to work a minimum wage job. Hes un reliable and he complains about everything. I supported him 2 years because i wanted to believe in him. His spending was out of […]

The DR Army: Tony R. Narcissist. He was married to my cousin for almost 15 years. Was abusive to her daughter and her. Sat on top of her oinning her shoulders with his knees and said you ever leave me I’ll kill you. Stay far away.

The DR Army: Adrianna LeGroulx Windsor/Chatham Dating for 1 year, she was seeing someone else while we dated, now says I’m the only one

The DR Army: This nasty ass so called human being will message u threnting u if u speak the truth about her, she gets railed by many men as most to all of u know but she doesn’t like that truth out there, not once not twice not three times has she come at me […]

The DR Army: Mike Muir This guy definitely has a lot of red flags he goes to bars every single day and he hangs out with Brandon Shelby/Dunn. I met both of them at the bar where they pick up women as a full time hobby. Some of you may remember him as the guy […]

The DR Army: So He’s gone through several girls. He has gotten several pregnant, and after a few months (once the baby isn’t a new born essentially), he would ghost the moms, never to he heard from again. He tried to get with me as well after having a child with someone very close to […]

The DR Army: Red flags about this woman . She likes to chat with single men when in a committed relationship. Amy Mike: Hard to find anyone single at her age tbh

The DR Army: Heads up guys, she is a stripper at cheetahs. She goes home with any guy who will giv her coke. She has aids and won’t tell you. Biggest wh*re in windsor and she is a paranoid freak. Steer clear unless you want every std possible

The DR Army: Tells dudes her name is chrissy but her name is mary. Will go on dates with men wanting a free night out then will want the guy to buy her kids food before she goes back to her home in the projects near polonia park. Classic welfare case. Later the guy will […]

The DR Army: Dirty Shari Farrow. Who’s got the latest intel? TRUST ME when i say this female has been around

The DR Army: Beware! This girl here Steph has been cheating on her husband for 5+ years, has even recorded videos of her sleeping with other men! She works on film sets in Windsor, Ontario and has slept with some of the married men who work on them as well. She has multiple accounts online […]

The DR Army: This is Brenlin Daley she is the nastiest bitch yall will find in Windsor. She has a child that she gave up because she would rather support her blues and cocaine habits than take care of her child. She sells her pussy on Leo’s list and who knows what else because she […]

The DR Army: Do NOT trust her with your life her BFF sky rush is a pass around in windsor for the bikers threatening everyone with ha members with Kristine Hill telling people there untouchable and so from the windsor group that they will go after them but Kristine will call the cops put anyone […]

The DR Army: Just curious as to how many other girls this sicko is entertaining and asking to come over? Meet Mitch. Just got out of an engagement and is preying on every girl at his workplace while dating one! Biggest scum and deserves to be blasted.. if anyone has his ex fiances contact info […]

The DR Army: Candice Rocheleau, Married to Paul Rocheleau Likes to go out to the bars instead of being at home with her husband so she can go and cheat on him. Talks to men sexually probably with her husband around and enjoys spying and taking pictures of people’s houses to send to the men […]

The DR Army: This dirty pig is Kaylee Lalonde from Windsor. She goes online all day to find her next victim for that night. Her body count went from like 15 to 30 in a week . She’s actually went with a group of guys knowing they just wanted to run a train and she […]

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