The DR Army: This woman is a bit older and has kid but she likes to mess around with young ppl that are barely legal. Has been messing with an 18 year old boy and she tries to hide it by untagging the posts he tags her in and sh*t. Just shameful behavior. Hope u […]

The DR Army: Beware of Ryan Ward from Blumenort MB. He’s a scammer I hear. Took some hard earned cash as a payment on a quad and “forgot” to deliver. He goes by several names, heard he was on here before. Nixon Kabuva, Ryan Martens, and Brad Tarasenco, are all names he’s used. Be warned, […]

The DR Army: This is Maybel Murray from winnipeg MB.She cheats on her live in bf Brandon. She likes older guys. Tells them she loves them and wants to be part of their daughters lives and then turns into a head. She had one guy and then left him for his friend that she was […]

The DR Army: DAN! BIELAK! This guy posted a video of himself and his wife having sex in public in the smittys on pembina parking lot how disgusting can you be. I’ve also seen him sleeping around with tons of women around the city at night. He’s paid my friend thousands of dollars for a […]

The DR Army: This is Christina ann she lives in Selkirk Manitoba she loves nothing but drama and will basically fuck any man that comes her way her. She has 3 kids and one of them is a disabled retard baby and plays the victim card no matter what her number is “Redacted”. Don’t trust […]

The DR Army: This woman likes to make false accusations to get what she wants. She is so insecure and controlling with every guy she’s ever been with. She is a compolisive liar and loves to get attention and make people feel sorry for her. She’s not a good person and a rat don’t trust […]

The DR Army: this fas pos KODY PANGMAN also known as “benji” has hiv and likes to get his cheeks clapped in jail by trannys .. whatever to pass the time i guesss he’s locked up in milner ridge and keeps his hiv status a secret . claims he’s a gangster and has money but […]

The DR Army: Rose Anne Omana, the most racist, self-serving, delusional Filipina you’ll ever meet. Can’t believe after so many reports of her bullying, spreading rumours, verbal abuse, and her racism towards patients has been ignored. Even rewarded. She’s so fake and ready to twist the story to make herself look like a victim of […]

The DR Army: Dated the guy awhile ago, horrible person. Assaulted me many times and denied it actually happened. Dated him in 2023 – very aggressive and manipulative. Sexually assaulted me many times and refused to see anything wrong with it. Thinks he can do whatever he wants since his parents are rich. Entitled spoiled […]

The DR Army: This rough lookin Coke head is jazmin briggs real name jasmin Douglas of poplar river manitoba she’s a lil head game playing Coke addict who like to sleep around and do trades for dope straight loser

The DR Army: This fat skinner Coke head like lil kids he lives in poplar river manitoba he has a kid that always goes hungry because booze and drugs are more important This fat cokehead is hunter bruce from poplar river manitoba he is a skinner,he has a kid that goes hungry because he would […]

The DR Army: Megan Esser likes to go around towns and Winnipeg Manitoba speaking highly of God and faith but being homeschooled she has some seriously sick sexual repression stiring up inside. Anyone that is twice her age and reminds her of “Father” gets an easy lay from this hoe. Can never be trusted as […]

The DR Army: Megan Esser likes to go around Winnipeg Manitoba speaking highly of God and faith but being homeschooled has some serious sexual repression is stiring up inside. Anyone that is twice her age and reminds her of “Father” gets an easy lay from this hoe. Can never be trusted as she lives in […]

The DR Army: This loser is ella hudson she is a Coke addict and a hoe she attacked her daughter who was 9 at the time also fought her son who is 19 what a disgusting pos

The DR Army: Watch out for her. You’ve been warned. Mike: Posts are getting more detail and refined now, I like it.

The DR Army: Mike I can’t even fathom of how they were taken out or fired. Sure as hell as the reasons that the info desk doesn’t supply feminine hygiene products and Spears bottles of lotion and soap. They got to be remembered by the new supervisor who was training Javier at their contractor to […]

The DR Army:  All the wannabe gangsta and racist white kids like getting jobs here by hawking. You know why ALL of Manitoba comes to wpg to get a supply of krokofil and steroid by ingredients at the only largest suburban mall ??? They also supply for cops and our men in service. Mike they […]

The DR Army: Mike this bitch is even more fake than the mean girls in the mall. She knows ALL the kids that are being homeschooled/ independent. She was still reminded by wfps about all the embarrassing things that happened to me during elementary through Denzel. Just by not knowing how to throw hard stuff […]

The DR Army: Aka Winnipeg school division. After my science teacher was humiliated and embarrassed by Mr. Richardson she punished me by taking out my social well-being, Integrity, my reputation and gender my female status with the 12 engineers that were killed by Lepine over the native kids giving me a warriors scar over not […]

The DR Army: It is back to Saturday schedule everyday with rush hour being bit of a Sunday. They should rent out trolleys or truck snowmobiles to go to the schools, hospitals, malls, parks, restaurants. When it is a pneumonia season and harsh winters. The 311 call centre is also static too but a email […]

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