The DR Army: Daniel. 41, He has 3 kids which he will hide from you at first and then spring it on you after you’ve fallen for him. He brought me to his house that him and his “ex wife” own together and tell you she’s couch surfing elsewhere… yeah right. Her clothes were in his walk in closet in his room. All her stuff was still there basically… like I’m not stupid. I ran for the hills and he got upset with me for not wanting him anymore after finding out about the 3 kids and the exs stuff still there. Plus he came in me without my consent, like bro you trying to have another kid? Im not on birth control and it really made me feel uncomfortable. Had to take a plan b and it’s fucked my mental state up and my horomones. The last time I saw him as well I consented to receiving oral from him and then I ended up giving him oral

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