THE DR ARMY: This is Derek Vorster, he thinks because his father has money he can treat people any way he wants to. He looks like the average good kid, but he’s a manipulative, lazy, narcissistic, loser. He acts innocent and sweet like he would never hurt anyone, when he actually abused his girlfriend into a full breakdown. He left her because she was struggling with depression and he didn’t think it was his issue. He gaslit her and mentally abused her for months. He hit her with a hammer, and smashed her phone with a hammer, then had her thrown into the psych ward because he told the police she “attacked him” all while she was pregnant. When he found out and she still wanted to make the relationship work, he agreed but until after she got an abortion. She ended up miscarrying due to the stress and he said it was all a lie and left her, then tried to gaslight her into thinking she didn’t suffer a miscarriage from stress he caused. But he doesn’t think it’s his problem or his fault. This is textbook abuse he is a lying psycho. Do not trust this sorry excuse for a man.

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