The DR Army: He is garbage lol. He prides himself on being a teacher, he’s also a trained paramedic and a whole bunch of other things I can’t even remember. He was my nephews school teacher last year and they were like best friends. He was like relatively flirty when I would pick my nephew up and one day I saw him on bumble and thought it would be funny if we matched. He’s not my type at allllll but he seemed really nice and my sister was like just go on one date see what happens. He messaged me at like midnight saying let’s go on an adventure. I was like yolo He drove us to cypress and then tried to hook up w me immediately. I was dry asf. Then he’d only message me to try n hook up. I turned him down pretty brutally, then he took it out on my nephew by being rude asf, not giving him the iPad that HE WON in class, and putting him in the worst teachers class next year that my nephew begged to not be put in with NONE of his friends (they all got to choose 3 friends and everyone was guaranteed to be put with atleast one. He was the only one put with none)

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