THE DR ARMY: This woman right is Dezzy Czemerynski. She’s a lieing psychotic stalker who makes threats towards you if she doesn’t get what she wants from you. She finds out where you live and constantly watches you. She will literally harass you for no reason at all, and when told to stop, she will just get worse. She then goes around lieing about you to everyone, trying to ruin your life and tries to get people to feel sorry for her making people think she’s the victim when she’s not. She chose drugs over her own kids and let cfs take them from her. She cares about no one but herself. The city of Winnipeg needs to be made aware of this lieing psychotic stalker before someone else becomes a victim.

1 thought on “Dezzy Czemerynski — Psychotic Stalker”

  1. Allison Chemerika

    The entire city is already very aware of who she is and has the same opinion. Ask anyone if they know “Destiny Jackson” and you’ll see that they have a list of stories about her. She’s posted on pretty much every local page. Cops won’t even do anything about her any more they send cadets that’s how long she’s been calling cops on people for nothing. She calls cfs on people too. She’s nasty as fuck. Her whole family is fucked. And idc if this has my actual name. She’s super fucked in the head. And watch if she sees this comment she will call cops on me for slander. But it’s not “slander” it’s facts baby girl. Sincerely get some help there girlie. Its concerning. xo

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