The DR Army: Mariah/Yvette can be found getting trains ran up on her at parlours , private parties & in the back seat of your local neighborhood in Belvedere in Edmonton, alberta. I’ve known this dump for over 15 years Getting shitfaced to the point of belligerence is pretty high up there. Constant cheating on whoever she is dating. Using people through manipulation. Excessive drug use is an understatement she underpaid many girls during private parties using the excuse of travel and other expenses like her “ security dog” aka BF who engages in many sessions involving other men. She’s infertile hitting early menopause The only mistake ive made is tolerating her behavior. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time she’s a horrible person using and abusing her co workers when she isn’t chosen she likes to think she runs the show she doesn’t !!!avoid her at all costs unless you want to be ripped off or used she says It’s harder to pass ghsv one but it can happen. Being that she’s been on an antiviral and hasn’t had an OB, thats good. But HSV can still pass without an active OB. It’s about when it sheds she’s careless so much so she has put us all under pressure at work worried about taking on her regulars, the world doesn’t revolve around dumpsters like this one, but I know this post will give her the attention she worked so hard to get

I Remember when she was claiming she cares about trans people and is just worried about women and girls? Yeah right!!! She’s selfish full of bull crap!!

Not sure why I’m getting downvoted since this is literally what she used to say to cover up her transphobia lmao But yet hooks up with trans men/women Atleast 2-3 times a week. Grow up. We aren’t human beings, but only when it comes to you / his needs You are a coward!!

Mike: Downvoted?? So this was a reddit post? Which sub was it?? lol

11 thoughts on “Dirty BI translover scammer”

  1. ppl mis interpreted my Reddit post(now deleted)

    My co worker is sleeping with trans women/ men identified as bi but is transphobic 🤔

    I am a trans F im just the kind of person who doesn’t care what other people think. Why would I let the opinion of someone I don’t know affect who I am or who I choose to associate with? You know who you are attracted to or love. Go with it and be happy.

  2. their is millions of ways to make money, that don’t require selling ones body and self respect, not to mention greatly increasing ones risk to covid, std, and murder ( yep I was friends with this women who owend a escort service back in the day) , here is a few legit ways to make money, door dash, lyft , uber, delivering groceries, I would break off with her or get a divorce if she’s my wife or girlfriend It’s one thing if they’re single and want to be a whore, but to have a partner is a different story. Also I’m the jealous type; I would be angry just seeing my wife having dinner with a guy. I couldn’t imagine my wife screwing another guy for money, plus it would cheapen our relationship. Is this a man or women I’m confused? It looks like both.

  3. Interested customer

    Damn I’d pay for that even over night what does she charge for an over night fee and so what about hsv most people get it by the time there 40 its very common stop the stigma and you yourself grow up

  4. I wouldn’t pay for that dumpster. Anyone can call themselves an exotic dancer. This women is cum dumpster who uses exotic dancing as a coverup for her desperate need for men, Disgusting. You would have to be just as disgusting to pursue this midget. She looks like someone I’d look away from and never notice. Dating a women like this is for the men who aren’t self assured. Yvette is in her late 40’s , how dismaying is this ho*. Grow up women.

    1. Who said she was an exotic dancer?
      At least she doesn’t have abunch of botox plus fillers L0L we all know who made this post you even admitted on your own personal facebook page about the downvoted thing screen shots don’t lie at least she’s naturally pretty for her age by the way she’s a nurse your just big mad your husband slept with her but mean while you had alot of affairs especially while separated sleeping with other people separated doesn’t count

  5. LOL Botox and filler wouldn’t fix that face. Life threatening Surgery is the case here. It’s always the ugly ho** that got somethn to say about enhancements. She’s sleeping with yours too, a few others. You’ll be shocked with the depth of infidelity. Be a good friend, tell yvette to keep her crusty used up p**** in the closet where it belongs.

      1. Liars will be delusional. Y u so mad and offended by the truth? Ha! Maybe time for butt implants to match the botched job on the top 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ur face is going to explode mr muffin man 🤢

  6. Nxt time u threaten my underage child I will call polise Stay far yvette that is illigl you send your bf to come to my family home !!!!!! Leave us alone now plz. I request for deletion of this

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