The DR Army: I hope her old co-worker gets after her she would not leave him alone after when he said he was done, and he was married, and she kept going to him even when he told her that he was married, and she would not listen at all she lives in Springfield Oregon should go after a merry man

Mike: There are too many post regarding the same person. The next one will only accept as comment.

3 thoughts on “Don’t trust this girl”

  1. Take this down that is not the story he was the one he came after me told me he was married and made it sound like him and his wife are having issues, so take this damn post down

  2. The DR Army Mike:

    Take this post down that is not true. My coworker was the one who lied to me. He was making his wife the bad guy not me you guys need to have the storage straight. I know the whole story you guys don’t peoples are making up lies giving out false information about me which is a lie you guys could get into trouble for false information about this, I have learn learning disability you damn moderators need to take this post down or I will report you guys to police. I have a learning disability and you guys are harassing person.

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