The DR Army: This little homewrecker uses her job to seek out men who are married or in relationships and sleep with them. She’s in a relationship herself but that doesn’t stop her from caressing her coworkers privates while at work, where customers see.

She knew my husband is married yet continued to hit on him and purposely bend over and rub herself on him. She will question your husbands happiness and try to introduce insecurities into your relationship. If your significant other works with her, you may be able to trust him but she will do just about anything to try to seduce him. She has no standards either, he track record is mind blowing. I’ve watched her single out married men that were “just her type”, she will lean proactively and openly flirt with married men at her bar even with wives next them creating quite the uncomfortable environment.

She’s already sleeping with her newest male coworker, I wonder if her boyfriend knows she had that same guy hanging out with them at a car show?

Mike: Name?

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