THE DR ARMY: MAD HRAIKY is a CON ARTIST AND FRAUDSTER. He moved to Toronto from Montreal because people were catching onto him in MTL and he is on the RUN from the police. He PREYS on women to CON them. He loves to find 19-year old girls on Tinder and pretends he’s so in love with you and wants to marry you all within a week of knowing you. Then he tries to MANIPULATE AND CONTROL WOMEN by using a FAKE sob story or pretends he wants to “invest” in a business with you. After he gets your money, he will block you and avoid you at all costs. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY. this guy is so PATHETIC that he tells women that his MOTHER is dead and BROTHER is dead. But in reality, they are all very much alive. What kind of SICK MINDED PERSON kills off their family?!?? His cars and house and condos are all LEASED using fraudulent documents. His watches are ALL FAKE. He wears a TOUPEE because his hairline is receding (LOL). He has NO REAL ASSETS to his name. He has NEVER had a real job so he can avoid paying taxes. This guy is B R O K E. All the money he has is either STOLEN or is DIRTY MONEY from pimping innocent young girls he brings in from MTL and from selling dope. He is a FRAUD and uses STOLEN CREDIT CARDS and STOLEN CASH to maintain his FAKE lifestyle. HE BEATS WOMEN and isn’t afraid to lay his dirty hands on them. And to top if all off, his d1ck is small, HORRIBLE in bed, and likes a d1ck up his a55hole (we all know you are secretly gay). STAY AWAY FROM THIS PREDATOR!!!!

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