The DR Army: This is Lauryn Hauck everybody. Or she goes by “Ryn” lmao. First off, she’s a horrible human. She threatens to fight everyone who pisses her off and then posts all over her TikTok about how they’re all too scared. She’s a literal adult!!!! She got pregnant by her minor boyfriend then had an abortion. Because she knew she was gonna suck as a mom and her baby would’ve had the worst life. She abused and cheated on her boyfriend when he was a minor. Her new boyfriend Sebastian who has 2 baby mamas and he can’t bother to call or see the kids is in jail and he’s already cheated on Lauryn with one of his baby mamas while being locked up. She was crazy over her drug addict ex boyfriend and literally threatened a random girl over it for 3 years. Just because she was butthurt he found a skinnier prettier girl. She’s fat and that’s why she’s doing cocaine to loose all the weight. She posts about her stupid little cocaine addiction on every social media she has. She can’t keep a job she either leaves or gets fired from any job she has. She’s a wannabe gangster who doesn’t even know anything about being gangster and it shows. She’s so proud of her record and being a criminal, and her mommy lets her do all of this. Her mommy even lets her do drugs in their home. Her mommy also helps threaten random girls all the time. Lauryn has threatened to beat up so many girls who have done nothing to her all because she’s butthurt. She’s a land whale. And everytime her exes get a new girlfriend she’s determined to ruin the relationship because she doesn’t want anyone to be happy.

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