THE DR ARMY: Here is Mike Bandusiak, Troy Michael Ban, Michael Troy, MB autosales. He dated my friend Tanya for almost 3.5yrs. He kept her a secret the whole time. He also lived with his so called ex janelle the whole duration of their relationship. It was rare for him to go out in public with her. Any meets up that happened which wasn’t often were in a car in a certain area. When they did go out he would keep his distance, somewhat ignore her, scared that someone would see and it would get back to his wifey. He gave her every reason and excuse not to see her, constantly canceled on her. Without a doubt wasn’t faithful to her. If a man can keep a female a secret for many years while living with another female, hes capable of alot of deciet. Portraying to be a good guy, but actions proved otherwise. A true narcissist. Janelle his wifey will know his secrets. Tanya dealt with all of mikes so called situations she was patient and understanding, waiting for change in all those situations, but nothing changed. He made her believe his lies, he ignored her, he broke her. It was a game, nothing but head games. She allowed him in her life twice, only to be fuked around by him everytime. I am enraged by how he treated my friend. If she doesn’t want to do or say anything, I will. Tanya started dishing out a tad of what mike did to her and wouldn’t you know Mike couldn’t handle it, he made it all about him, how hurt he was and needed to heal. Heal from what exactly? You ain’t the one who needs to heal. Just pathetic. Ladies be careful.

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