The DR Army: M.F from Oskaloosa.This man is now live on Tinder ladies. He just went thru his 4th divorce…Please be advised.

He jumps from one relationship to the next. I know one didn’t even know he had been married twice before her and his divorce from the woman before her wasn’t even final till 8 days before he married her.

He has multiple womans names tattooed and covered on his body and still has his 3rd wife’s lips tattooed on his neck. Not sure if he still has initials on his hand or not.

Lies about money and everything else he feels he needs to. Including small meaningless things. Makes u question urself. Refuses to hold his kids accountable for their actions let alone make them do a damn thing to help around the house but expect ur kids to do it all, including pay rent if they have a job even tho his don’t. And he’s horrible with money.

He allows all his dogs to defecate all over the house so it smells horrible.

H we took his own daughter with him to cheat on one wife twice! I could go on.

Mike: Is M.F. his initial or like you just call him MF?

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